Lafarge in negociations to acquire a cement plant in Serbia

30 December 1998

The Beocin cement plant's management team has indicated that Lafarge has been selected to acquire the facility, located near Novi Sad in Serbia. Lafarge established relations in Serbia in 1995 and the country introduced a privatization program in 1997. These moves helped prepare the way for today's decision, which represents a significant step towards a final agreement.

With a production capacity of 1.4 million metric tons and 2,000 employees, Beocin is the largest cement plant in Serbia, where it supplies nearly 40% of the cement market. The plant is located on the Danube, in a strategic area at the crossroads of several markets. It would be a positive addition to Lafarge's already solid network in central Europe. Since 1990, Lafarge has expanded into Poland, Romania, Austria, the Czech Republic and eastern Germany, with the objective of becoming a major player in the region.

The negotiations will continue, within the framework of international regulations.


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