Lafarge posts a 16.5% rise in sales at September 30, 2000

18 October 2000

The Lafarge Group sales amounted to 9,189 million euros at September 30, 2000, as compared to 7,886 million euros for the first nine months of 1999, a gross increase of 16.5%.

This increase results from:

_Underlying business growth of 5.8%. The increase in business for the third quarter of the year was 3.7%. The variation for each Division at September 30 was as follows:

  • Cement: +5.1%. Sales grew in the majority of regions, with particularly good growth achieved in Spain due to strong demand and Brazil, South Africa and the Philippines as the result of stronger prices. Germany however remained weak and in Turkey, whilst sales volumes grew, prices remained depressed. North American sales performance progressed, despite the slowdown recorded in the third quarter 2000. This slowdown in the United States is certainly due in part to poor weather conditions. The Canadian business conditions remained generally positive.
  • Aggregates & Concrete: +9.5%. Good sales figures were registered, in Lafarge's main markets (France, UK and North America).
  • Roofing: +1.9%. Clay tile sales continued to develop positively in all countries, as did concrete tile sales outside Germany. The weakness in the German construction market continued to have a negative impact on German concrete tile and chimney sales.
  • Gypsum: +3.7%. The Division's sales outside North America have grown for the year to date by 5.5%. North American sales dropped 7.5% as prices declined abruptly and demand softened.
  • Specialty Products: +4.3%. The Division's sales continued to grow with particular strength in France, Spain and Italy. Aluminates sales expanded swiftly in Asia and the Americas.

_Net structural changes of +4.0%.
Recent acquisitions contributed 529 million euros of additional sales. The main contributors being Lafarge India and Lafarge Halla Cement in South Korea for the Cement Division, Pioneer Plasterboard in Australia and Nida Gyps in Poland for the Gypsum Division. Divestments resulted in a sales reduction of 184 million euros, being principally the effect of the sale of the flatroofing business in Germany and of Lafarge Corporation's asphalt business in Maryland.

_Positive foreign exchange impact of 6.7% arising principally from the appreciation of the US Dollar.


Consolidated sales as of 30 September 2000
  At 30/09/2000
€ Million
At 30/09/1999
€ Million
Cement 3,313 2,744 +20.7%
Aggregates & Concrete 2,779 2,381 +16.7%
Roofing 1,274 1,206 +5.7%
Gypsum 761 622 +22.3%
Specialty Products 1,062 925 +14.8%
Others 0 8 -
Total 9,189 7,886 +16.5%
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