Expanding RMX Allies Network in Mexico with two new partners

The number of franchising & licensing partnerships LH Group is building in RMX or precast businesses is growing significantly all over the globe. For the Group, it grants access to new markets where we can promote our expertise, innovation and brand, and it solidifies our customer relationships. In September, Holcim Mexico welcomed two new partners under this initiative.


The RMX Allies Network: not your average supplier-client relationship

Thanks to our established global presence, knowledge of our industry and market reach, LafargeHolcim is able to be so much more to our customers than a supplier and become a business partner. Leveraging our experience to create valuable relationships with customers, Holcim Mexico reached out to their ready-mix customers to form the RMX Allies Network in 2012. The Network establishes an affiliation between LafargeHolcim and local, independant partners to produce high-end concrete using our materials in Mexico, reaching high standards with support on mix design and performance from our technical advisors, as well as by introducing standard processes and certifying their plants. In September we welcomed two new partners, Comosa and Forzac.

During the past five years, LafargeHolcim divested 50 of its own ready-mix cement plants in Mexico, and thanks to the Allies Network, it now has 25 partners operating over 60 ready-mix sites across the country, acting as extensions of LafargeHolcim’s own ready-mix footprint. The partnership network represents a tool to better serve and build upon a bond of trust with our existing clients, as well as an opportunity to reach out to new ones. The RMX Allies Network partners benefit from:

  • Our expertise and market access
  • Shared technical support on topics from mix design to plant certification
  • A purchasing club, which allows LafargeHolcim to negotiate discounts on everything from insurance to equipment
  • Access to market data on construction permits, financial and economic indicators
  • Sharing of sales leads

Introducing our new partners

Comosa and Forzac bring their unique benefits to the network: excellent local reputation and relationships with key stakeholders, and quality products with recognized local brands. Both companies grant access to key regions for the Mexican construction industry; Guadalajara in Jalisco state is the national leader in the development and investment of shopping malls, and industry, mining and construction accounts for 29 of Morelos State's GDP.

Both companies share LafargeHolcim’s drive to innovate in our industry, and show ambition and clear vision in their business strategy, making them ideal mid-to-long-term partners for this mutually beneficial initiative.

Find out more about our new Allies

Spotlight on Forzac
  • Over 20 years of industry experience
  • Presence in infrastructure, communications, civil works and private housing sectors
  • 4 plants in Jalisco State
Spotlight on Comosa
  • Over 49 years of industry experience
  • Presence in aggregates production and housing market
  • ISO 9001:2008 & EMA certified laboratory
  • EPD environmental certification
  • 4 plants in Morelos State, 3 plants in Estado de México, 3 plants in Querétaro State

“We will work closely with them to deliver all the Alliance benefits and to continue strengthening the Allies network” - Adolfo Gutiérrez,

Segment Development Manager, Holcim Mexico

Where are our Allies?

Thanks to the RMX Allies Network, LafargeHolcim has access to markets all over Mexico. See the map below to see where the 60 partner plants are located.


rmx allies map mexico


Reaching out to our clients with three partnership offers

Discover our partnership offers
  1. Franchises We partner with local, independent actors who operate under LafargeHolcim brands to produce and distribute our building materials.
  2. RMX VAP Global Brand Licenses We support independent players to develop and sell our international concrete brands alongside their own products
  3. Alliances We enable independent players to benefit from LafargeHolcim endorsement and operational support.