Partnering on infrastructure projects in Switzerland, and beyond

By one estimate the world requires USD 3.7 trillion in economic infrastructure investment every year. At LafargeHolcim we are dedicated to meeting that need. Our product innovations represent significant leaps over traditional solutions. To ensure high performance we provide them with full-service support.


Fast application for greater longevity

Ductal®, for example, represents a significant improvement over traditional solutions. The Ductal® range of UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete) products and solutions can be applied twice as quickly and will last three times as long when compared to traditional solutions. These characteristics are especially valued by infrastructure owners, which helps explain why Ductal® has been successfully applied to bridges, dams, marine structures and buildings.

Casted on bridge decks, as shown here in Switzerland, the Ductal® structural overlay solution forms a thin, watertight layer that can withstand freeze and thaw cycles while resisting chloride penetration from de-icing salts. These characteristics offer owners significant savings on maintenance costs. The thin layer of Ductal® also allows the bridge owner to re-open to traffic only few hours after casting and does not suffer from weather conditions as a waterproof membrane does. This solution also restores the load-bearing capacity of bridges or even extends it to new type of loads, without requiring additional works on piers and foundations.



Partnerships the world over

The Ductal® overlay solution has been widely applied in Switzerland and the first pilot projects have been completed in United States. LafargeHolcim is the only global UHPC supplier, offering project development to on-site technical support to ensure that owners get all the benefits of this high-value material.