Meet a sustainability leader: ACC Ltd

25 April 2019

Sumeet Chadha is the Plant Director of ACC’s plant in Kymore, Madhya Pradhesh, India. He believes the hallmark of a great organization is the shared value it creates for the communities in which it operates.


Over the years, ACC Kymore has worked to conserve natural resources, improve air, land and water quality, manage waste efficiently and become an integral part of the community by helping provide employment, education, water, health, sanitation and more.


Meet Sumeet


Reducing our carbon footprint

At Kymore, we have undertaken various measures to reduce CO2 emissions – from installing an 11 km-long conveyor that eliminates the usage of trucks to transport limestone from mines to the plant, to using captive power plant bed ash and fly ash to produce Portland Pozzolana Cement. We also utilize low-grade limestone extracted through strategically planned mining to conserve non-renewable resources.

Recycling waste

We offer customized waste management solutions for a range of stakeholders. These include managing the plastic waste from local communities, helping large corporations such as Unilever manage their packaging waste, assisting the state government to safely dispose of ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbon gases and even disposing of seized narcotics.

Catching water where it falls

Kymore is a drought-prone area, so interventions around water are critical. Our plant remains water-positive by recycling cooling water, ensuring zero water discharge and creating rainwater storage reservoirs in worked-out mine pits. To ensure the surrounding village communities have a regular supply of water for domestic use, ACC has helped recharge groundwater, deepen ponds, construct check-dams and rainwater harvesting systems and more. An 800-meter irrigation channel was built to channel water from our mine pits to help irrigate 200 acres of farmland, benefiting hundreds of farmers and their livestock. Several water bodies have been constructed in the forest areas to benefit wildlife and animals. In a wonderfully collaborative effort, over 200 villagers volunteered to deepen a pond along with ACC and the local authorities.


water harvesting 1 acc kymore wash
Water harvesting


Working with the community

We have robust community development programs that benefit over 35,000 people, with particular emphasis on education, employable skills and livelihood opportunities. ACC’s Sumant Moolgaokar Technical Institute (SMTI) offers skill building courses in electrical engineering, instrumentation, diesel and fitting trades. Each year, over 100 graduates from SMTI join ACC’s workforce in plants across India. We reach out to 8,000 students every year to provide better education, re-enroll dropouts, deliver free coaching and more. We mobilized the formation of 200 women’s self-help groups to pursue income generation activities like tailoring, imitation jewelry making, spice grinding and backyard poultry to encourage alternative sources of livelihood and boost family income. Over 15,000 people are positively impacted each year by our Health and Sanitation programs, which include Medical Health Camps, adolescent health, and handwashing and hygiene programs.


paddy seedling nursery kymore
Paddy seedling nursery