Qatar - First major recycled aggregates contract

9 September 2014

In Qatar, Lafarge has signed its first major contract for 1.1MT of recycled aggregates, i.e. 100% of our current production capacity in the country! An important step towards meeting our Sustainability Ambition 2020 to manufacture 15 million tons of aggregates per year from recycled materials.



  • Meet the huge demand for construction materials, due to the local Government's decision to invest massively in new infrastructure,
  • Help address the shortage of virgin aggregates in the country,
  • Expand our recycled aggregates offer and thus meet our Sustainability Ambition 2020 to manufacture 15 million tons of aggregates per year from recycled materials!


On the one hand, the Qatari authorities are planning to invest 40% of their budget in new infrastructure, for the FIFA 2022 World Cup and for the delivery of the 2030 National Vision, the country's national development plan. But on the other hand, Qatar is suffering from a serious shortage of virgin aggregates: local limestone is very poor quality and difficult to exploit. As a result, most of the supply is imported from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) at a very high cost.

Our local team in Qatar made the most of this market opportunity, winning their first major contract to provide 1.1MT of recycled aggregates for a new oil refinery project. This is a very significant contract as it represents the full capacity of our existing recycling operations in Qatar. It is also the first time that recycled aggregates will be used in the country - the Government has just revised the local construction specifications to allow the use of recycled aggregates in concrete, hollow blocks & roadbase materials.


This contract is not only a business success and a contribution to the sustainability of construction practices in Qatar; it is also a way for us to reinforce our leading position in sustainability through:

  • the recycling of natural resources,
  • the reduction of our CO2 emissions thanks to lower transportation,
  • the safe, environmentally-friendly disposal of construction and demolition waste.

In order to make the most of future market opportunities for recycled aggregates in Qatar, we have even launched a project to increase the capacity of our local flagship recycling center!

Lafarge recycled aggregates, Qatar