At Holcim, we think customers come first. We listen to your specific needs and requirements to supply and, if needed, develop together the best solution to match them. As the new leader in building materials, we provide the widest range of cement, concrete, and aggregates products. You can also rely on our cutting-edge R&D capabilities to make sure you find the solution for your building projects, whether large or small, whatever their sector, and across the globe.


Roads, mines, ports, dams, data centers, stadiums, wind farms, or electric power plants are complex projects, to which our teams deliver world-class construction solutions and bring our dedicated sectoral expertise.


We bring innovative and high-performance solutions for all your needs, for individual or collective housing, commercial, institutional, industrial, or office buildings, and from low- to high-rise construction.

Distribution and retail

For Holcim, being a business partner to all players in the distribution chain is key. We make our products and solutions available at all times, generating business for you as distributors, retailers, and DIY stores.

Waste management

Waste treatment is time-consuming for many businesses and municipalities. Holcim has pioneered reuse & recycling solutions, including innovative tailored waste management services for a wide range of needs.