Waste management and co-processing

Waste treatment is seen as a time-consuming and costly headache by many businesses and municipalities. Mistakes or poor performance in waste management may also expose organizations to major environmental and reputational risks and penalties. Since the 1970s, Holcim has pioneered the co-processing of waste materials, and for decades developed innovative and tailored industrial and municipal waste management services for a wide range of customers. This heritage of innovation continues under the Geocycle brand which maintains a network of more than 50 operations that together comprise one of the world’s leading providers of waste management services.

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Tell me more about Geocycle

Globally, Geocycle provides tailor-made waste management solutions for 10,000 customers: industrial and service companies, municipalities, and waste management firms, in more than 50 countries. These industry- and sector-specific solutions are delivered by dedicated Geocycle teams, working to the highest safety and environmental standards. Partnering with Geocycle  allows customers to focus on their core activities, confident in the knowledge that their waste is being managed by world-class experts.

What's special about Geocycle?

Extensive network of highly professional industrial and process engineers, chemists, biologists, building material specialists, economists, and environmental and safety experts 2,000 dedicated employees

More than 80 waste pre-treatment facilities

More than 10 million tonnes of waste treated annually

More than 8 million tonnes of CO2 emissions prevented annually through recovery of the energy from the processed waste

Plants equipped with Environmental Management System (EMS) according to ISO 14001

Global risk management program (ACert)

What is Geocycle's role in sustainable development at Holcim?

With a predicted population of nine billion people by 2050, the world faces the immense challenge of balancing local and global efforts to meet human needs, while preserving the environment.

Responsible waste management is crucial to these efforts.

Geocycle works with regulatory bodies, governments, communities and other groups to increase awareness about waste issues.

Through the company’s innovative, sustainable waste practices, and by working with customers and other stakeholders, the long-term goal is to deliver a ‘zero-waste future’.

For public authorities and municipalities that are responsible for waste management, Geocycle’s  sustainable waste treatment solutions virtually eliminate residues from waste, which significantly reduces the need for landfill facilities. This has the additional benefit of freeing up valuable land for more productive, less controversial use. These solutions also eliminate toxins - resulting from untreated or inadequately treated waste - that can find their way into the air, soil and ground water.

Once captured and pre-processed by Geocycle, the waste is co-processed in Holcim cement plants. This preserves natural resources and reduces the plants’ carbon intensity while waste co-processing often creates local employment opportunities. The activity also contributes to efforts to build a circular economy, a key element in Holcim’s sustainability strategy.

Did you know that we are one of the world’s largest waste processing companies? In 2018 Holcim treated over 51 million tonnes of waste - that’s over eight Pyramids of Giza worth of municipal, industrial and agricultural waste. More than 11 million tonnes of this was sustainably processed by Geocycle as waste-derived fuel and raw materials for our cement production. Waste is a big problem in the world, and getting bigger, but it is a problem that Geocycle is helping to tackle.

Industrial and service companies

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Safe, cost-efficient and environmentally sound management of waste generated by a company contributes to a well-run, profitable business that recognizes its place in society.

At Geocycle, we are experts in working with a range of manufacturing, processing and service industries, including automotive, electronics, consumer goods, textiles, furniture, cosmetics, food production.

This expertise maximizes the efficient handling of waste streams and minimizes the likelihood of risks related to poor waste disposal and long-term corporate liability.

Municipalities and local organizations

Discover Geocycle's work with municipalities

Geocycle has a long track record of partnering with municipalities and jointly developing innovative solutions that reduce the need for large investments in often unpopular incinerators or new landfills.

Municipal waste is often landfilled despite a sizeable proportion of it being ideal for further use and Geocycle experts’ advice about sorting valuable recyclable material for sale has often resulted in a revenue stream, rather than a cost to authorities. The remaining material is co-processed to reduce the amount of waste that ends up going to landfill for final disposal, therefore reducing cost. Disposal in existing cement plants eliminates the need for the development of other controversial landfill or incinerator projects.

Waste management companies

Discover Geocycle's work with waste management companies companies

Geocycle works closely with colleagues in waste management companies, often providing a processing and disposal route for non-recyclable components of municipal refuse and industrial waste.

In every solution we provide, we create value for waste management companies and their customers by ensuring that difficult waste is treated in a safe, compliant and responsible way.