Waste management



Effectively managing our waste means reducing and recycling construction demolition materials. As part of our circular economy approach, we strive to reduce the use of natural resources. We are committed to sustainable construction waste management practices, incorporating recycled and recarbonated material into our products, thus reducing landfill and building better with less.

Geocycle: innovative waste management

Geocycle is our global waste management solutions provider. Our teams around the world work with customers to offer innovative and tailor-made solutions to their waste challenges.

Geocycle co-processes more than 10 million metric tons of waste each year, avoiding over 8 million metric tons of CO2 emissions annually by recovering energy from the processed waste. Our long-term goal is to implement sustainable waste practices and deliver a zero-waste future.


Waste management solutions for all industries

Industrial companies and service providers

We work with our partners across the manufacturing, processing and service industries to help them effectively and cost-efficiently manage their waste streams. Our solutions work to minimize risks related to poor waste disposal and corporate liability.

Municipalities and local authorities

We support councils and local organizations with innovative solutions – reducing the need for costly and polluting incinerators and landfills. Geocycle advises customers about sorting valuable recyclable material, reducing costs and often generating a revenue stream.


Waste management companies

We collaborate with waste management companies to provide a processing and disposal route for non-recyclable materials. We create value for businesses and their customers, ensuring waste is treated in a safe, compliant and responsible way.


Partnering with CanadianPond, Geocycle launched an innovative non-invasive technology to remove plastic waste from rivers, and keep it from reaching our oceans. Air is pumped into a specially designed tube, forming a bubble barrier. This causes plastics to rise to the surface, ready to be collected and sorted.

Incorporating waste management into all aspects of our business

At Holcim, we are determined to reduce our waste and recycle wherever possible. We have set ourselves the target of recycling 10 million metric tons of construction demolition materials into our products by 2025. To achieve this, we are continuously innovating products that incorporate waste material. Our ECOPlanet green cement is the world’s first cement containing 20% construction demolition materials.

Our plants in Retznei, Austria, and Cizkovice, Czech Republic, operate with close to 100% ECOFuels, from materials at the end of their lifecycle, such as biomass and municipal waste. This increases our thermal substitution rate and promotes circularity with green operations.

To accelerate the shift toward more circular living, we are engaging with like-minded partners, from urban leaders with our Circular Cities Barometer to customers and communities with our GO CIRCULAR race boat and Circular Explorer recycling catamaran.

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