Delivering high performance building materials

We are the exclusive supplier of the larger-than-life Bogotá-Villavicencio road infrastructure project.


Started in 2017, the project is expected to be fully delivered in 2021. To be the official supplier for this project, Holcim Colombia has committed to producing concrete 24 hours a day. For this to be achieved, two concrete plants have been installed close to the construction sites, guaranteeing streamlined logistical operations.




As of April 2020, the project has required 361,726 m3 of concrete, half of which includes our value-added Premium line of concrete:

  • Premium shotcrete™ for tunnel excavation support
  • Premium tremie™ concrete for deep foundations in bridge pile construction
  • Premium self-compacting™ concrete for bridge abutments
  • Premium post-tensioned™ concrete for bridge segments
  • Premium accelerated™ concrete for tunnel lining
  • Premium pavement™ concrete for tunnel roads

For Holcim Colombia, the participation in this project as an exclusive supplier is a health and safety, technical, and sustainability challenge. All of these challenges have been successfully met so far and the delivery of the project will surely be one of the most significant achievements of the upcoming year.

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