The pocket parks transforming Athens


Our teams in Greece have transformed an old corner of downtown Athens into a new green area and donated it to the city. Through the “Adopt Your City” program, the Greek capital aims to create new and green spaces to improve its urban environment, contribute to climate change mitigation, and help build social cohesion. Our Greece division, part of Heracles Group, is contributing sustainable building materials, expertise and coordination to help make these new spaces greener, smarter and accessible for all.

A project to absorb CO2 in Athens


Our teams used green building materials to create the right setting for Athens’ second pocket park. Durable trees and plants have been selected for their high adaptability to urban environments and their low watering and care needs. The park has been planned to ensure year-round shade, sunshine and ventilation. This new pocket park will also mitigate the urban heat island effect and absorb 54kg CO2 per year.

lafargeholcim greece hydromedia artevia pocket park 02



New public spaces built with green building materials


The 100m2 park in the Kolonos district was built using green building materials from our Hydromedia and Artevia ranges. The ground used our permeable concrete Hydromedia, which allows the water to return directly to the ground; thus, enriching the natural water underground reservoirs. Additionally, parts of the ground, the perimeter benches and the sidewalk were created with Artevia products, a range of decorative concrete with a reduced environmental footprint that offers limitless possibilities of texture, appearance and aesthetics. What is more, the park’s lighting is powered by an advanced solar panel system which also monitors temperature, humidity and other environmental parameters through a digital dashboard.

lafargeholcim greece hydromedia artevia pocket park 01



Greening abandoned urban spaces in Athens


The green conversion of existing urban areas aims to open up new public spaces that help strengthen social interaction and integration. The pocket park in Kolonos is a refreshing change that has transformed a rundown urban space into a new green area open to all. That is why it has been built through the collaboration of public offices and private businesses, with Lafarge Greece contributing sustainable building materials, expertise and coordination.

Permeable concrete rapidly absorbs rain water, helps recharge aquifers and reduces the risk of flooding.

An urban forest in France

The combination of trees and Hydromedia is transforming this urban area in Aubervilliers into a new and enjoyable space for residents.

Decorative concrete range gives free rein to your boldest architectural projects.