Energy efficiency


The construction sector accounts for 38% of our world’s greenhouse gas emissions, with 70% generated by buildings in use. With our Solutions & Products, from roofing and insulation to green retrofitting we are making buildings more energy-efficient and durable.

State-of-the-art technologies to reduce energy costs and emissions

Inadequate insulation results in a high amount of unnecessary heating-related emissions. To overcome this problem, Holcim has developed a wide range of products and green building solutions to enhance energy efficiency. Our brand portfolio includes SES, offering bio-based insulation foam and Cantillana insulation boards. From our innovative roofing solutions to our AiriumTM insulation, we are reducing energy usage and approaching net-zero throughout the construction process.

Our Houses of Tomorrow initiative includes five sustainable, affordable housing projects that are fully adapted to the local climate and material availability. Using our most innovative building solutions, we drastically reduced the homes’ carbon footprint.

Energy-efficient homes, from foundation to rooftop

We are becoming a global leader in roofing with systems cutting across solar, cool and green roofs. These technologies make buildings more energy-efficient in use, while enabling cooler cities with more nature inside.

Leading roofing provider Elevate offers cool and green roofs to help address the challenges of population growth and urbanization by providing thermal insulation and reducing the urban heat island effect.

AiriumTM is a disruptive technology in the insulation market. This innovative, circular mineral insulating foam enhances energy efficiency and can even extend a building’s lifespan through green retrofitting applications.

Artevia Boreal minimizes the need for streetlights by absorbing the sun’s UV radiation during the day and releasing it as artificial light at night. Made with recycled materials, Artevia Boreal can illuminate patios, cycle paths and walkways for 10+ hours in attractive Boreal colors.

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