Nature in cities


At Holcim, we are bringing more nature into cities to enhance biodiversity and counter urban heat islands, making cities more livable.

Putting nature at the heart of sustainable construction

Our nature strategy is a key component of our vision to decarbonize building. Holcim is in the top 1% of the 500 largest global companies for its science-driven biodiversity targets, and is the first in its sector to have a freshwater replenishment commitment. Protecting nature’s precious resources and bringing more nature into the built environment are at the core of our strategy.

Elevate offers green, cool and solar-enabling flat roof systems. Elevate enabled Asia’s largest urban rooftop farm at Thammasat University near Bangkok, Thailand.

Hydromedia is a water management system that rapidly absorbs rainwater from streets, parking surfaces, driveways and walkways at a rate of 500-600 L/min/m2 – 10,000 times more than standard soil. This innovative permeable concrete reduces the risk of flooding, recharges groundwater and promotes urban tree growth.

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