How can we make our economy more circular?

According to the 2023 Circularity Gap Report, the global economy is now just 7.2% circular, down from 9.1% in 2018.

The construction industry, for example, relies almost exclusively on virgin materials that are extracted from the natural environment, and is following a downward trend. That’s why it’s more important than ever to decrease the amount of virgin raw materials that are processed. One key lever to lower the demand for these primary resources is to extensively reuse construction demolition materials, also known as construction demolition waste (CDW).

How can CDW make our economy more circular, what is urban mining, what are the main challenges for reusing CDW, which cities are leading the way and how is Holcim making it happen? Vincent Teissier, Head of Circular Construction for Holcim Europe, offers a deep-dive into the topic.

Where does CDW come from and how do we use it to build new from old? This short animation can explain:

“Reusing these millions of tons of materials for new construction projects has many advantages. For a start, the materials are already there, in the city, so there would be no need for lengthy supply chains. So why mine, produce and transport all these materials from mines around the world, when they are already available in our urban environment?”

Vincent Teissier| Head of Circular Construction for Holcim Europe