ECOPact and ECOPlanet drive green building worldwide

Sustainable construction is essential to building a net-zero future that works for people and the planet – and our green building solutions are bringing this reality to life in cities around the world.


ECOPact Green Concrete

Our green concrete range ECOPact offers 30% to 100% lower carbon compared to standard (CEM I) concrete.

Boston University

In 2021, the largest ECOPact laid the foundations of Boston University’s new Computing and Data Center. Once completed, it will become Boston’s most sustainable building. Thanks to ECOPact, 350,000kg of CO2 were saved.


ECOPlanet Green Cement

ECOPlanet, our range of green cement, reduces CO2 emissions by at least 30% , helping builders attain valuable sustainable building certifications.

Spheres Building

In Seattle, ECOPlanet has been used in the iconic Spheres Building, a LEED Gold-certified project and major office complex. In this project, our solution delivered more than 80% CO2 reduction over the industry average, saving up to 400 tons of CO2.

Iconic Tower in Egypt

ECOPlanet was also deployed to construct the tallest building in Africa: the Iconic Tower, under construction in the New Administrative capital of Egypt, near Cairo. The tower will stand as a symbol that green construction is possible at scale. It used Holcim’s ECOPlanet Prime green cement with 60% reduced CO2 and an absolute CO2 saving of over 6,800 tons.