Looking to the future of net zero emissions in North America and around the world: carbon capture

Carbon capture and usage or storage (CCUS) could become a barrier if we do not find the right solutions to scale it up. We’re bringing together the brightest talent from within the industry and beyond through partnerships, and pilot projects to reach the scalable and cost effective solutions the industry needs to accelerate its transition toward net zero.


In January of this year, we announced a joint study with Svante Inc., Holcim, Oxy Low Carbon Ventures, LLC (OLCV), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Occidental, and Total, to assess the viability and design of a commercial-scale carbon-capture facility at the Holcim Portland Cement Plant in Florence, Colorado, U.S. where CO2 will be permanently sequestered in depleted Oil &Gas reservoirs

In a clear signal of governmental interest, the project was selected for further development (pre-FEED phase) and received funding from the US Department of Energy to continue with the feasibility study and moving.

At Group level we are currently spearheading over twenty CCUS projects in the US, Canada and Europe to develop a menu of solutions that can be combined in different ways.

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