Paving the way toward net zero emissions: low carbon products

We’re helping our customers build greener than ever before and we are accelerating our efforts with innovative green and circular solutions, such as: ECOPact, our green concrete, enabling carbon neutral construction, or Susteno, the world’s first cement with 20% repurposed construction demolition materials inside.


ECOPact is the latest line of low carbon concrete which range from 30-100% less carbon emissions compared to ordinary (CEM1 or OPC) concrete. Where regulatory conditions allow, ECOPact products integrate repurposed construction demolition materials, further closing the resource loop.

Furthermore, our top of the line product brand ECOPact Zero, includes compensating the remaining CO2 emissions through certified environmental projects representing a net-zero concrete. In Germany, EcoPact Zero was used to expand the NABU Naturschutzzentrum, a nature conservation center in Bingen, in April 2020.

After a successful market adoption in Europe (France, Germany, Switzerland), ECOPact is available in the US with plans to expand into the UK, Canada, Latin America and other markets worldwide.

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