Two new dry mortars to diversify our offer in Argentina

Holcim Argentina seeks to better serve customers with their range of dry mortars, and looks to further expand this range with three more new products in 2020.


Dry mortar product range expands in Argentina

The launch of two new dry-mortar products, Ceramic Tile Adhesive (C1) and Porcelanato adhesive (C2) has been very well received by customers, and inspired our product development and sales teams to focus on this growing market. The strong development roadmap will ensure a complete range by the end of 2020, and create value through new mortar products and solutions.

Ambitions to meet a wide range of dry mortar customer needs

Offering our customers well-defined value to meet their needs is the goal of the team in Argentina. The dry mortar team expects to capture 5 of the market share by the end of 2020, with the new complementary range bringing incremental volumes to the business and expanding its value proposition. 

“It's a great opportunity to develop a whole new business and create value through new mortar products & solutions, and encourage our sales team to reach further, and look for new opportunities” says Sebastian Rodriquez, General Manager for Dry Mortar Argentina. “Our next steps will include a more focused sales team, improve their skills in the mortars business, create a strong technical team to provide more assistance to our customers on the use of our mortar products”