Learning and development


At Holcim, your professional development comes first

We’re ambitious about our future. So it’s only right that we hire, reward and empower ambitious people too.

That’s why we’re strategic in our approach to learning and development, investing in a selection of programs to help you at every stage of your career. We enable you to take control of your progression, shaping an exciting and inspiring career path.

We offer training sessions on a global, regional and local level for you to gain practical skills and further understand your role in creating positive impact at Holcim. We work with a number of partners to deliver high-quality, tailored sessions and programs that are designed to help you maximize your potential. Our programs combine accessible online learning via our global Learning Platform with invaluable face-to-face training.

Learning and development is focused around four key pillars

1. Executive development

A bespoke program for our senior leaders, focusing on leadership to boost efficiency, performance and accountability and to drive change.

2. Leadership and management development

High impact programs targeted at managers, in line with Holcim’s strategy.

3. Professional development

Functional academies and training programs addressing core professional skills, adapted to different functions and business segments.

4. Online learning

Accessible to employees at any time, our vast online learning catalog provides resources for improving job performance, as well as for personal growth and development.

Holcim Business School

Learning never stops at Holcim – even for our senior leaders. The successful implementation of our “Strategy 2025 – Accelerating Green Growth” largely depends on ensuring the Group’s senior leaders have the right leadership skills, resources, knowledge, and networks. It’s with this in mind that the Holcim Business School was launched in 2018, in close collaboration with Canada’s Ivey Business School. Every year, our senior leaders come together for a module which is taught by an external expert and our CEO and Executive Committee. We are proud to have been recognized by the European Foundation for Management Development in 2020.

Testimonials from Holcim Emerging Leaders Business School

Meet Kathiuska

"Participating in the Emerging Leaders Business School has allowed me to strengthen knowledge, break paradigms, and confirm that leadership is a journey worth taking. In the infinite game of business we need to have a clear purpose and inspire our teams to achieve our ambitions and build a greener world."
Kathiuska Sotelo, Disensa Manager, Holcim Colombia

Meet Carlos

"Continuous learning is key to success. I was impressed how the Holcim Business School is able to provide the proper framework, environment and tools to foster the development of so many talented colleagues around the world."
Carlos Garrido Pedraz, Head of European Business Services (EBS)

Meet Gulan

"Participating in Business School provided an excellent chance to network with peers from across the globe, as well as exposure to well-applied and relevant leadership strategies and approaches. The program has assisted me in self-reflecting on my leadership strengths and opportunities for growth."
Gulan Sherko Ahmed, Communications & Corporate Branding Manager, Lafarge Iraq

Meet Iqbal

"Holcim Business School for Emerging Leaders has been a lifetime learning experience and has sparked me to reflect on myself. The program helped me to enlarge my visual power to cope in a dynamic environment. I see myself a better leader who can embrace any challenge and a hungry person for growth."
Iqbal Chowdhury, CFO Bangladesh


Early Career Leadership Program

This six-month leadership program enables our early career leaders to gain experience, improve their business skills, increase their exposure to senior management, build their global network and grow as leaders. The program is fully online and is structured around training sessions from renowned international experts. Find out what our recent participants had to say about the Early Careers Leadership Program.

Testimonials from ECLP participants

Meet Šimona

“What I enjoyed the most throughout my ECLP journey are the interactions with different lecturers and participants. I personally appreciate learning the importance of strategic thinking that I started to implement immediately into my everyday life.”
Šimona Miňová, Team Lead General Ledger and Fixed Assets, Holcim European Business Services, Slovakia

Meet Natalia

“Participating in the ECLP has been an amazing experience. I’ve gained new perspectives that have helped me grow both personally and professionally by collaborating with a diverse group of colleagues from across the globe.”
Natalia Gomez, Analyst Commercial Innovation, Holcim El Salvador

Meet Travis

“The ECLP helped me understand in earnest, what it takes for us to win as an organization. The concepts in the program are timeless which speaks to how effective they are.”
Travis Lirette, Supply Network Manager & Capex Manager, Western Canada

Functional academies and technical programs

Building Sales Teams for Growth, Aggregates Manager course, Large Infrastructure Construction Project Training, ROCK e-learning programs in Mining and Processing, Global Ready-Mix Managers course, Health, Safety, Environment, Sustainability and Public Affairs, Logistics, Accounting & Reporting Principles, Security and Resilience, and Compliance amongst others.

Testimonials from functional academies and technical program attendees
Meet Thisy

“Holcim’s LICP Training Program connects highly skilled Project Managers from around the world to share experiences and key learnings as well as learn the principles of Project Management. My network grew exponentially through this program and gave me the opportunity to seek advice from some of the best PMs in the business.”
Thisy Senanayake-Fabris, Project Manager, Holcim Australia

Meet Thompson

“Attending a series of Commercial training programs at Holcim has equipped me to take higher responsibilities. I gained skills in developing and implementing Commercial Strategies that deliver competitive edge in a dynamic industry. I also acquired Performance Management skills for a high performing team that I have responsibility for."
Thompson Ukpebor, Head of Sales, Lafarge Africa

Meet Katerina

“Regardless of position or experience, there is always more to learn, to invest in professional growth with self-awareness, modesty, and persistence.”
Katerina Vasileiou, Key Account Manager, Holcim Greece

Meet David

"With the LICP training program I understood the risks of Project Management and how to avoid them thanks to the expertise of the project manager panelists. I have the opportunity to use these learnings every day to improve decision making in the projects I'm involved in."
David Hernández Terrazas, Financial Solutions Coordinator, Holcim Mexico

Meet Gabriela

“What I most enjoyed about the commercial training program was that It allowed me to discover that we are all an important part of the business & end user solutions, and feel part of a team focused on the same goal.”
Gabriela Rivera, Disensa Expansion and Value Proposal Coordinator, Holcim El Salvador