For the third consecutive year, Holcim participated in the annual One Young World Summit, which took place in Belfast from 2-5 October.

Since 2021, Holcim is a proud partner of the annual One Young World Summit, which convenes the brightest young leaders to accelerate social impact.

Our purpose at Holcim is also anchored in building a better world. We are committed to building progress for people and the planet by enabling greener cities, smarter infrastructure and improved living standards for all. To make this possible, we are committed to developing the next generation of leaders who will build the world of tomorrow, both within the company and beyond.


Get ready to be inspired by the impact of twenty-nine Holcim game-changers at the 2023 One Young World Summit in Belfast. Witness their bold ideas contributing to build the world they want to live in.

Aiman Yacoub

R&D Engineer, France

"I want to be able to use construction and demolition waste as a resource to produce sustainable and circular products, contributing to a circular economy."

Aleah Snedeker

Area Environmental Engineer, USA

"I believe implementing an internal AI chatbot at Holcim is the answer to leading in sustainability and innovation."

Brunette Lobo

Senior Category Manager, UK

"There’s a shortage of 36,000 classrooms. That would take 70 years to build using conventional methods. With Holcim’s 3D Printing technology, this gap could be bridged in 10 years."

Cain Rodriguez

Mechanical Engineer, USA

"Mental wellbeing is crucial. I want to create an environment where people feel comfortable talking about mental health, without judgment or discrimination, and have access to the right resources."

Catalin Suteu

Regional Sales Manager VAP RMX, Romania

"By cycling to work 10 kilometers each way, you will save 1500 kilograms of carbon emissions each year. We can design and build bike lanes from recycled construction materials."

Christian Riedener

Sales & Performance Manager, Switzerland

"In order to achieve our net-zero 2050 targets, I want to maximize the use of decarbonized materials and process materials directed to landfills."

Diego Arriola

AFR Operations Coordinator, El Salvador

"I couldn't be prouder to be part of the Holcim family. It has given me the opportunity to be part of the change we’re leading in the construction industry."

Dimitra Mougkasi

Lawyer, Greece

"Being a young leader at Holcim, I actively strategize with my business partners, assessing how legal initiatives can protect Holcim’s efforts to achieve our goal of being established as a zero waste company."

Georg Schmidt

Project Engineer, Switzerland

"We are the driving force behind the circular economy. To go one step further, we have built a first industrial plant to permanently store captured CO₂ through a carbonatization process."

Hala Jamhoury

Environmental Specialist, HBK

"Safety comes first. I aim to give a new life to used or damaged Personal Protective Equipment. It will improve safety at work, reduce our waste and provide income opportunities for communities."

Ivana Vidic

Head of Quality & Environment, Serbia

"My working place is a creative place where we can make our ideas alive. Being a young leader at Holcim Serbia enables me to shape a better future for us and the next generation."

Jose Luis Agudelo

Head of Finance, Costa Rica

"1.6 billion people will have a housing issue and we have to stop that. We can use Holcim capabilities to provide housing that is compliant with regulations, affordable and provides all amenities that people deserve and need."

Joshua Scott

District Manager RMX, Australia

"We need to dream big, smarter and structure solutions to improve the world we live in. And as young leaders we have a responsibility to engage, educate and lead the future generations."

Julianne Endres

Regional HSE Manager, USA

"Today, there’s a need for temporary shelters. What if Holcim could utilize its Strategy 2025 and provide these core humanistic necessities? With our ability to 3D Print, we can create easy-to-assemble particleboard panels for temporary housing."

Laura Golledge

HS2 Project Delivery Manager, UK

"My boldest idea is to get back to basics: what can we do on our sites to include a place for nature on a big scale and support local communities? We can create something that’s sustainable for the future."

Lois Margolis

Commercial Manager Geocycle, Canada East

"Imagine a world where everyone considered the consequences of their actions before taking them. Everyone has a part to play to bring about the changes our world desperately needs."

Loukas Styliaris

Quarry Supervisor RMX, Greece

"My goal is to reduce the carbon footprint of my operations by eliminating where possible the use of raw materials, while respecting the environment and local communities. To achieve that, we need to explore state of the art technologies."

Manuel Gonzalez Crende

Head of Roofing, Argentina

"How can we achieve our net-zero objectives by 2050? By expanding our range of Solutions & Products to make building smarter from foundation to rooftop, and by making Tector 3D Printed houses."

Marie Couturier

Energy Analyst, France

"How can we attract and retain young talent and enable employees to make a tangible social impact? We could create a platform where students involved in a charity could ask Holcim for help in obtaining building materials and expertise from our employees."

Melanie Wong

Production Engineer S&P, Canada West

"To create a network of employees eager to take steps towards a more sustainable future, it’s important to take small steps for a big impact. My boldest idea is introducing the Green App to educate, motivate and inspire a more sustainable business."

Moyinoluwa Adebola

Engagement & Communications Executive, Nigeria

"We recently launched Holcim Ideas Platform, about how we can leverage people by generating green electricity powered by footsteps."

Nataly Dalva

Digital Analytics Manager, EMEA

"We observe the world through the windows so why not start there? Imagine a world where thousands of millions of windows produce energy. Solar windows make it possible."

Nathalie Inductivo

Process Performance Engineer Cement, Philippines

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. At our plant, we have high school students. We can partner with their schools to promote our commitment to sustainability. Our students can become the next leaders of our organization."

Nathalie Rovayo

Talent & Development Coordinator, Ecuador

"My boldest idea is to take education to another level through the metaverse with the Holcim universe, making young people aware of the role they can play in making the world a better place. I think we have to start with education."

Simone Sorbo

Sustainability Specialist, EMEA

"I want to make cities greener and improve living standards for all. I see the construction and demolition waste as the main lever for moving in this direction. That's what being part of the solution means to me."

Sofia Garcia

Integration Projects HSE Coordinator, Mexico

"My idea is to incorporate augmented reality into our safety trainings to elevate our learning experience, making it incredibly rich and fulfilling. We would be changing people’s culture on how they see safety and create an environment where employees feel safe."

Souha Benibrahim

SAP Project Assistant, Algeria

"I am passionate about continuous learning and growth, and am constantly looking for new challenges to develop my skills and knowledge. I'm also a social activist who strives to help young Algerians support the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals."

Stephanie Kiriazes

Senior Code Engineer, USA

"I would like to create performance standards that are designed for fire protection. It’s vital we account for the fire fighter perspective during the research and development stage."

Sara Chakir

Process and Environment Engineer, Morocco

"The limestone decarbonation process emits huge amounts of carbon dioxide, that can be captured and reused in other processes and industries. The excess of CO₂ that cannot be used could be stored in geological carbon sequestration. This way we might be able to reduce emissions by 50% and more."


After attending the One Young World summit, our delegates are committing their inspiration and skills to internal transformation projects. Take a closer look at the remarkable ideas our 2022 delegates are initiating at Holcim, as they contribute to building the company they want to work for.

In conversation with Jan Jenisch


Our Chairman and CEO, Jan Jenisch, held an engaging fireside chat with two brilliant One Young World delegates, Nimco and AbdurRahman as they discuss groundbreaking solutions, share invaluable insights and delve into Jan's personal journey.


Women in STEM - Breaking barriers


If you're interested in pursuing a career in STEM, don't miss the words of wisdom from two of our One Young World delegates, Allyson and Melissa, and two other influential women - Sabrina Wuersch and Andrea Guzmán.




To broaden the conversation around providing essential housing for all, Holcim is pleased to partner with One Young World to offer the Building for Peace Scholarship. This programme enables five young leaders to participate in the One Young World Summit 2023 as part of Holcim’s global delegation.

In particular this scholarship supports young leaders who are making an impact in innovation for affordable and sustainable housing, and supporting refugee and vulnerable communities.


Ralph Nasara from OOYOO is the winner of the prestigious Lead2030 Challenge supported by Holcim. With a mission to make cities greener, OOYOO is revolutionizing the game with their groundbreaking low-cost, high-performance carbon capture technology.

As a reward for their exceptional work, OOYOO receives a whopping $50,000 in funding, access to the One Young World Summit, and invaluable mentorship from Holcim experts to take their work to the next level.

Through this challenge, we invest in youth-led initiatives that make cities greener by pushing the boundaries of sustainable construction and urbanization.


Learn more about the Holcim Lead2030 Challenge

As we attended the One Young World 2023 Summit, we focused on the "Peace & Reconciliation" plenary session. Building upon the conversations initiated with The Essential Homes Research Project during the Venice Biennale, we aim to further explore the possibilities of sustainable building for all. Join us as we embark on a journey to #BuildingForPeace.

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