BREEAM Excellent rated office complex in Bucharest built with DYNAMax, the Ultimate Performance Concrete

25 November 2021

Population growth and urbanization require building the equivalent of New York City every month. To meet this demand sustainably, the world requires innovative solutions that can help build more with less.


Holcim’s DYNAMax, the Ultimate Performance Concrete, is part of the answer. DYNAMax has already gotten a start at MIRO, an A class office building in Bucharest, Romania that features 23,000 square meters of leasable area spread out over five levels with a large outdoor plaza. MIRO is one of the first buildings in Romania achieving the BREEAM Excellent rating (meaning in the top 10% of sustainable buildings), as well as the WELL Platinum certification for optimized office spaces which improve health and well-being through design. It is expected to open in December 2021.

Speedwell, one of Romania’s most dynamic developers and promoters of sustainable buildings, chose DYNAMax for this visionary project. DYNAMax allowed them a faster construction pace and required less materials compared to conventional solutions. Thanks to the use of DYNAMax, Speedwell was able to reduce the concrete volume in the building core by one-third and thus reduce the carbon footprint of the structure by 25% compared to conventional concrete.


Sustainability is mandatory for future-proofed buildings. We all are responsible for using resources efficiently, and we as developers must take responsibility for the standards we use. That is why it is essential to create next-generation buildings. Developing high-standard projects is one of our focus areas, and sustainability has always been part of it.

Didier Balcaen
CEO and CO-Founder of Speedwell

We are proud to offer DYNAMax as part of our global product range, offering incredible strength, outstanding durability and superior rigidity. DYNAMax combines performance and sustainability in an innovative and unique solution to the market.

Ueli Bötschi
Head of Ready-Mix Global Branding at Holcim

At Holcim we are proud to offer a range of innovative and smart concrete solutions that optimize material usage and increase the resilience and lifespan of buildings to build more with less. DYNAMax, the Ultimate Performance Concrete, allows building in new dimensions, improving sustainability and design freedom around the globe.



The ultimate performance concrete for the new design trends and engineering challenges of our ever-evolving world, characterized by high strength, outstanding durability and superior rigidity.