One of the largest climate conferences in the world, the Austrian World Summit in Vienna is the centerpiece of the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative. The main goal of the summit is to offer a broad platform for concrete solutions and successful ideas that motivate and act as role models, as well as to connect people, businesses and climate leaders.

 With the 2024 theme of ‘Be Useful: Tools for a Healthy Planet’, the summit presents solutions to protect our planet and best practice projects. Giving the floor to companies that turn words into action, it will inspire others to join their mission and spread hope for a better future.

  • Date:  20 June, 2024
  • Location: Vienna, Austria



Holcim's Chief Sustainability Officer, Nollaig Forrest, took part in an onstage panel discussion: ‘Make it Easy: Sustainable Living for Everyone’, alongside other prominent speakers. While cities only occupy 2% of the world’s surface, they account for over 60% of greenhouse gas emissions. “What tools do cities and regions have to make climate-friendly life as easy as possible?” the panel will ask. 

Holcim’s innovative and sustainable solutions for circular construction are one essential answer to this question. With its dedicated public booth at the Austrian World Summit the company will present these, as well as its work to decarbonize building, Holcim’s Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) roadmap and other key highlights.

At Holcim we can help make cities more sustainable and climate-friendly by providing a wide range of low-carbon, circular building solutions. Building new from old, we aim to recycle materials in all the metropolitan areas where we operate.

Nollaig Forrest| Chief Sustainability Officer, Holcim

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Cutting-edge Holcim concrete mix scores Melbourne Metro Tunnel world first

Holcim developed a low-carbon concrete mix that also used recycled glass instead of sand, as part of the Melbourne Metro Tunnel construction that managed to reduce emissions by 150,000 tons.

Pumped by hydropower: World first circular project has Holcim inside

While providing building materials for the Kidston Pumped Hydro Energy Project Holcim prioritized sustainability by using 100% recycled aggregates in all supplied concrete for the 2 km access tunnel to the pumphouse.


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