How to build a circular city

Cities are at the forefront of the shift to low-carbon and circular construction.

We expect 70% of the world population to be living in cities by 2050, adding 2.5 billion people - this rapid urbanization means cities can make a real difference in decarbonizing the built environment.

Circular cities are the cities of the future, and with Holcim products we can build them today.

Build with low-carbon materials


ECOPact is the world’s first global range of green concrete, delivering 100% performance and starting from 30% less CO2.

See ECOPact in action in Guyaquil, Ecuador


ECOPlanet is the world’s broadest range of green cement, reducing CO2 emissions by at least 30% with no compromise on performance.

See ECOPlanet in action in Seattle, USA


Build with smart design


3D printing construction with our proprietary ink TectorPrint can reduce material use by up to 50%. TectorPrint can be used to build structures held together solely through compression with no binders or reinforcements, making the material easily recyclable.

See TectorPrint in action in Venice, Italy


With high strength and superior rigidity, DYNAMax ultimate performance concrete enables thinner and longer structures to optimize material use. Its durability also minimizes maintenance and lifecycle costs of a building.

See DYNAMax in action in Bucharest


Build for energy efficiency


Our Airium™ mineral insulating foam reduces heating and cooling energy needs, avoiding the equivalent of 18 kg of CO2 per m² annually for individual housing. It can fill any type of shape or cavity in order to maximize energy efficiency in a building, and it is fully recyclable.

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Elevate ISOGARD™

ISOGARD is Elevate's next-generation polyiso formulation and is the elite choice for cold-temperature insulation. It provides the highest thermal resistance per inch with up to 40% better thermal performance in cold temperatures than the competition.

Read more about ISOGARD


Build for nature

Elevate UltraPly TPO

With its high resistance and waterproofing capacity, Elevate’s UltraPly TPO roofing membrane enables green roofing systems, helping bring nature into cities.

See UltraPly TPO in action in Bangkok, Thailand


Hydromedia permeable concrete allows rainwater to drain directly into the soil below, enabling the construction of urban forest environments without the need for irrigation.

See Hydromedia in action in Paris, France


Build with recycled materials


With up to 20% construction and demolition waste inside, Susteno is the first and only resource-saving cement in Europe that uses fine mixed granulate from demolished buildings as an additive.

See Susteno in action in Saint Gallen, Switzerland


Aggneo is Holcim’s range of high quality aggregates processed from recycled concrete. This circular solution can be used to build roads or as an ingredient in ready-mix concrete.

Read more about Aggneo

Holcim created the Circular Cities Barometer with Bloomberg Media Studios. The aim is to understand how 25 cities are leading the shift to circular living for a sustainable future. The results provide unique insights into how we can help accelerate the transition to circularity.

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