Moranta Tower: First fully ECOPact project in Mexico reduces CO2 by 30%

Grupo DAGS, one of the main developers and construction companies in Mexico’s Monterrey, is building the Distrito Karena development in the neighboring city of Saltillo. The developer was looking for a sustainable solution to build the Moranta Tower, a multi-use building for living, working, shopping and leisure.

Holcim met the challenge by supplying ECOPact low-carbon concrete, making the Moranta Tower the first fully ECOPact project in Mexico. Holcim’s SMARTCast digital technology optimized the concrete mix design before the pouring began for more efficient and sustainable construction.

Torre Moranta: A stylish 21-floor building for living, working, shopping and leisure

First fully ECOPact concrete building in Mexico, with 30% less CO2 and 100% performance

SMARTCast technology maximizes ECOPact performance for faster, more efficient and sustainable construction

One of the great challenges we have as developers these days is ensuring that our projects are built sustainably. Thanks to Holcim’s ECOPact concrete it is much easier to overcome this challenge and build the cities of tomorrow with a lower environmental impact.

Gustavo Marcos| Director of Grupo DAGS

The challenge 


Grupo DAGS, one of the main developers and construction companies in and around Mexico’s second largest city of Monterrey is driven by a commitment to reduce the environmental impact of their projects while providing housing for this rapidly urbanizing country.

As part of the new Distrito Karena development in Saltillo, the developer decided to build the Moranta Tower using materials with a lower environmental impact and no compromise in performance. This stylish 21-floor building is a mixed use tower that envisions a place for people to live, work, shop, come together as a community and relax in the provided green spaces, with a focus on residents’ safety, comfort and well-being.

The solution


Grupo DAGS found that Holcim's ECOPact low-carbon concrete was the only available solution capable of reducing the carbon footprint of the entire structure of the tower by 30% (compared to CEM I concrete) while offering 100% performance.

The developer decided to complement ECOPact low-carbon concrete with Holcim's digital service SMARTCast, which accelerates the construction process by up to four days per floor for a high-rise building while enhancing the environmental performance.

SMARTCast consists of sensors installed in concrete that measure its performance in real time. The data is stored in a cloud-based platform, allowing customers to track the strength development process anytime, anywhere. The solution optimizes the concrete mix design before the pouring begins, enabling more efficient and sustainable construction.

The use of the SMARTCast technology enables us to optimize the use of sustainable solutions and help our customers accelerate construction processes. This is just one of the ways we are transforming the construction industry in Mexico.

Pedro Garza| RMX Manager at Holcim Mexico

The result


Upon completion in early 2024, the tower will become the first fully ECOPact building in the country and will provide 106 apartments, a commercial space and a wide range of amenities to the inhabitants of Saltillo.

Holcim is supplying 20,000m3 of ECOPact for the construction of 30,000 square meters of Moranta Tower, which represents a CO₂ emissions reduction of 1,520 tons – or 30% less than a standard concrete mix with CEM I. This is the equivalent of the energy usage of 152 households for a whole year or more than 6 million kilometers traveled by a combustion car.

With ECOPact and SMARTCast, Holcim is driving low-carbon and digital construction for customers like Grupo DAGS, meeting their sustainability objectives with 100% performance.



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