Advanced mortars

A broad offer of advanced mortars

Holcim delivers the most innovative, high-performance advanced mortars to meet the specific needs of local customers and ensure durable buildings.

Advanced mortar solutions for key building applications

Our range of dry mortar and construction chemicals products provides the right solution for any challenging construction project. Holcim’s product categories cover masonry, plastering, flooring, waterproofing, repair, construction chemicals and 3D printing mortars. Our brands include Tector, PRB Group, PTB Group, Cantillana and Izolbet.

Experts in high-performance building solutions

Holcim brings you decades of expertise in the advanced mortar industry. From coatings and insulations to adhesives and flooring systems, we offer the most advanced, energy-efficient solutions delivering the same high quality everywhere in the world.

In 2023, 14Trees, our award-winning joint venture with the British International Investment Group, completed the printing of 10 housing units in Kenya – the largest 3D-printed affordable housing project to date. 

The Mvule Gardens complex in Kenya comprises 52 housing units and is made possible by TectorPrint, Holcim’s innovative 3D printing ink.


The Holcim advanced mortar range

Holcim has developed a full range of innovative and sustainable dry mortar and construction chemical products for key construction systems. Our products are designed for walls, decorative façades, floors (basic and heated), bathrooms, flat roofs, swimming pools, foundations and basements. They cover a broad range of applications, from masonry, tile adhesives and floor grout, to thermal insulation and 3D printing.

With over 50 production facilities and a production capacity of more than 2 million metric tons, our experts are on hand to advise you on the best mortar products for your specific requirements.


Cutting-edge research and development

Innovation is a catalyst for the decarbonization of building. We operate in an open innovation ecosystem, working with hundreds of start-ups, think tanks and leading academic institutions, from MIT to ETH Zurich.

It all begins with our researchers working in our industry-leading Holcim Innovation Center in Lyon, France, and in our research facility in Holderbank, Switzerland. To spread innovation across our markets, researchers from the Innovation Center work in close collaboration with our global network of regional innovation hubs. Together with our commercial teams, they support our customers for all their building needs from concept to creation. Our experts span all fields of building, from masons to engineers to material scientists, to experts in artificial intelligence and data mining.


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