Growing in the most attractive markets

Moving our business from volume to value, we have successfully shifted to the most attractive markets, as well as businesses with strong growth drivers and margins.

North America

Holcim’s profitable growth story continues in North America, driven by its state-of-the-art operational footprint and the market’s construction boom. 

Having achieved record net sales of CHF 6.7 billion in 2023, Holcim has increased its market share in North America. With a record Recurring EBIT of CHF 1.5 billion, the region achieved a margin of 21.7 percent. 

In 2023, Holcim performed strongly across all markets and segments and is uniquely positioned to capture strong structural demand in an addressable market of over USD 175 billion, fueled by onshoring of manufacturing and once-in-a-generation infrastructure investments.

“Our profitable growth story continues in North America, as we support the sustainable growth of our region's infrastructure.”

Toufic Tabbara| Region Head North America
North America

100 +

Infrastructure projects secured for 2023-2026


With the industry’s most ambitious targets, we are making decarbonization a driver of profitable growth in Europe.  

With net sales of CHF 7.3 billion and recurring EBIT of CHF 1.2 billion in 2023, Europe delivered record performance.​​

To achieve our decarbonization roadmap in Europe, we are focusing on: low-carbon formulation, decarbonized energy, circular construction and leading in carbon capture, utilization and storage. 

To meet customers’ sustainability needs, Holcim is expanding its ECOPact and ECOPlanet brands and making circularity a driver of profitable growth with our ECOCycle® circular technology platform.

“Making decarbonization a driver of profitable growth we are delivering superior value for all our stakeholders.”

Miljan Gutovic| Region Head Europe and CEO designate

8 M

Tons of net-zero cement produced per annum by 2030

Latin America

We are playing an essential role in modernizing Latin America’s infrastructure and building stock, with leading profitability across all our markets. 

With a year of record profitability, Latin America generated net sales of CHF 2.9 billion and Recurring EBIT of CHF 1.0 billion. Large-scale infrastructure projects drove strong performance in Mexico. 

In Latin America we are a large-scale integrated building solutions company present in nine countries, with leading positions from cement, ready-mix and aggregates to a growing range of solutions – from admixtures and mortars to roofing and weatherproofing.

“With our strong position across Latin America, Holcim is playing a central role in building the region’s essential infrastructure with our advanced building solutions.”

Oliver Osswald| Region Head Latin America
Latin America

150 +

Projects underway to offer low-carbon solutions

Asia, Middle East and Africa


In Asia, Middle East and Africa, we are focusing on the most attractive markets to deliver shareholder value. 

We are delivering strong value creation and margin expansion across all segments by advancing our leadership in core markets, while sharpening our footprint for impact. This diverse region is focused on broad-based profitable organic growth in some of the world’s fastest urbanizing markets. 

Holcim is scaling up decarbonization in Asia, Middle East and Africa with sales of low-carbon solutions increasing across the region. This trend is driven by our growing use of alternative fuels, as well as renewable energy and the adoption of calcined clay.

“With solutions like ECOPlanet and 3D printing, Holcim is providing innovative and sustainable ways to build the affordable housing and infrastructure that our region needs.”

Martin Kriegner| Region Head Asia, Middle East & Africa
Asia, Middle East & Africa


Acquisitions to accelerate sales of low-carbon solutions

Solutions & Products

In 2023, Solutions & Products became a global leader in advanced roofing systems and furthered its ambition from advanced mortars to waterproofing. 

A rapidly expanding business segment, Solutions & Products offers advanced roofing and insulation systems, as well as tile adhesives, facades and innovative mortars. Leading innovation to meet demand for sustainable and energy-efficient solutions, Solutions & Products rapidly expanded to account for 21 percent of Group net sales or CHF 5.6 billion in 2023.

In 2023, the business made 11 acquisitions, including the iconic Duro-Last brand in the U.S., which strengthened our integrated roofing offer by giving us access to the high-value premium PVC membrane market.

“With iconic brands from Elevate and Malarkey to Duro-Last, Holcim offers the most comprehensive line of advanced roofing technologies.”

Jamie Gentoso| Global Head Solutions & Products
Solutions & Products


Acquisitions in 2023

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