The Place des métiers - An innovative solution launched by Lafarge in France for construction industry players

18 May 2001

Lafarge is launching the "Place des métiers" in France. This is an innovative solution that combines the Internet and locally-based services, tailored to the needs of building industry players.

With the "Place des métiers", Lafarge is supplying construction industry players – craftsmen, contractors, specifiers and wholesalers – with tools such as quantity calculators, estimating aids and image banks which will allow them to save time and be more efficient in their businesses. At the same time, Lafarge is providing itself with the opportunity to get to know its industry customers better, with the aim of gaining a better understanding of their needs and delivering even better service.

The "Place des métiers" is original in its content:

- The information and service offerings of "Place des métiers" are both broad and deep. It encompasses the entire range of Lafarge products and solutions and adds to them supplementary products and services offered by Lafarge's partners. Its uses product selection tools to take purchasers down to a highly detailed level of technical specification.

- The "Place des métiers" targets all players according to their business, whether they are craftsmen, contractors, specifiers or wholesalers. It even further customises the information shown for each target. Every user will find answers that are relevant to his individual profile.

- The "Place des métiers" meets the need for local contact felt by independent professionals who, because they are dispersed over a wide area, do not necessarily have access to information which they nonetheless need on a daily basis.

The "Place des métiers" is highly innovative in the means that it deploys, combining:

- The power and the technology of the Internet in the form of a tool that allows users of Lafarge products to access round-the-clock a very broad-based source of information and tools,

- An efficient form of personal contact and locally-based services that are not usually found on such a scale in this sector of industry.


    -, a non-purchasing Internet site where, in addition to comprehensive technical information on Lafarge products and solutions and technical innovations, craftsmen and contractors will find tools to help them run their businesses, track and manage site work, however complex, draw up and present estimates, find training courses and get help with marketing their services.

    - The Lafarge Forum is a special members-only area for information and discussion. Lafarge ensures that all forum members, even if they are not Internet-enabled, have equal access through its quarterly magazine "L'Entrevous" to solutions, innovations, discussions and training sessions.

    - Telephone help line from the professionals-only Customer Call Centre, during the week from 7 am to 9 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm.


  • To SPECIFIERS, whether owners or principal contractors, Lafarge offers:

    -, an Internet site designed as an assisted design tool, which also supplies detailed information on Lafarge products and solutions and innovations and extra services that provide access to industry information (standards, regulations, topics in depth, completed work and trends), to management tools (document sharing and updating in a project team, tenders and competitive bids, etc.) and discussion groups to exchange views on various aspects of construction.

- The Customer Call Centre Allô Lafarge described above.

- A Market Development team whose mission is to develop and maintain contact with major contracting authorities and major contractors.

  • Lastly, with the "Place des métiers", Lafarge is strengthening its partnership with its WHOLESALE customers. The "Place des métiers" as a whole is a tool that is provided for them. In terms of the depth of information it provides and the services it offers, it allows wholesalers to take up the challenge of promoting ranges of products that are becoming increasingly extensive and more technical; it improves the value of the customers' shopping baskets; it draws customers back systematically for their supplies and finally, with, it gives them access to professional services.

With the "Place des métiers", Lafarge brings a substantial new dimension to the actions it has been developing over several years with the constant aim of serving its customers better.

World leader in building materials, Lafarge employs 66,000 people in 71 countries. The Group recorded sales of ¤12.2 billion in 2000.

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