Flexible and durable lining solutions

We offer a variety of lining systems for different applications, guaranteeing aesthetics, durability and dependable performance.

Decorative pond solutions

Holcim’s building lining portfolio includes membranes specially designed for integrating water in residential areas, supporting architects, designers and contractors.

Geomembrane applications

Our lining systems offer a durable waterproofing solution for a wide range of agricultural, industrial and commercial applications.

Enabling projects around the world

Lining systems from Elevate (formerly Firestone Building Products) have provided solutions for projects across the globe – from agricultural irrigation ponds to artificial snow reservoirs at ski resorts.

Industry-leading lining expertise

Our advanced roofing and insulation systems offer includes a broad selection of lining solutions to meet different building challenges. Lining applications range from garden and koi ponds to irrigation reservoirs and silage covers.

With 40 years of experience in the building solutions industry, Elevate is committed to using the highest quality materials and providing smart, safe and energy-efficient solutions for customers.

Elevate’s products include PondEasy EPDM – a waterproofing rubber liner for water features, offering exceptional performance, easy installation and durability. PondGard EPDM is designed to waterproof ponds, streams, waterfalls, fountains, swimming ponds and natural swimming pools aesthetically.

Part of Elevate’s geomembrane applications, GeoSmart EPDM is a synthetic rubber geomembrane for small and mid-size ponds, ensuring quick, easy and safe installation. GeoGard EPDM is a strong, flexible and elastic geomembrane for a wide variety of agricultural, industrial and environmental applications.


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