Ready-Mix Concrete


Concrete is the best building material for a growing, urbanizing world. No other material matches its performance and life cycle benefits. Concrete is versatile, affordable, insulating, available everywhere and infinitely recyclable.

We offer the world’s broadest range of green concrete, ECOPact, to make sustainable building possible at scale from Mexico to New York. ECOPact comes in a range of formulations from 30% to 100% lower CO2 footprint with no compromise on performance. In our “Strategy 2025 - Accelerating Green Growth” we aim to reach 25% of concrete net sales with ECOPact by 2025.

Off the a fast start on this journey, ECOPact is already available across all our five regions in 25 markets thanks to the breadth of our green formulation expertise.


Holcim’s ready-mix concrete solutions’ quality, consistency and reliability offer superior mechanical performance for our customers’ most stringent demands, whatever the application. Our customers can also rely on Holcim’s world-class service, on-time deliveries and mix design management to get the concrete they need for their building and infrastructure projects.

The industry’s broadest range of green concrete.

The ultimate performance concrete for the new design trends and engineering challenges of our ever-evolving world.

Self-levelling building material flows effortlessly, reducing noise and risk on the worksite.

Decorative concrete range gives free rein to your boldest architectural projects.

Concrete that achieves strength in record time, quickly developing high mechanical resistance - and formworks can be removed much faster.

Our Ultra High Performance Concrete allows unmatched qualities of durability, aesthetics and strength.

Specialty concrete for industrial floors that extends floor design and allows industrial slabs to better resist wear and impact.

Permeable concrete rapidly absorbs rain water, helps recharge aquifers and reduces the risk of flooding.

Low thermal-resistivity concrete lowers the energy requirement of high-demand electrical facilities.

Insulating concrete improves insulation and energy performance of residential and office buildings and by reducing heat loss.