Extensia is a specialty concrete that extends industrial floor design and allows industrial slabs to better resist wear and impact of heavy vehicle traffic and high mechanical loads.

Extensia is not only high strength and low shrinkage concrete, but it can also contribute to put buildings into service quicker. This solution allows to design floors with or without metallic reinforcements, depending on the project needs. It also offers the possibility to design slabs with reduced steel reinforcement, reduced volume of concrete and less energy consumption during pours, being a more sustainable choice for industrial floors. The excellent surface durability also limits maintenance and, in some cases, the need for a protective top coat.


  • Flexibility in floor design, with thinner and unreinforced slabs
  • Rapid execution thanks to early power-trowelling of the surface and early cutting of joints
  • Shorter drying times allow to apply toppings one or two weeks earlier
  • Low maintenance costs