Airium is a mineral insulating foam technology developed in the Holcim Research and Development center in Lyon. It is fully fire-resistant, long-lasting and sustainable. It can fill any type of shape and cavity, either on-site or in an industrial controlled environment.

Airium is a true revolution for both the construction and the insulation worlds. It can be used in a simple way for many applications: from sub-screed floor insulation to the filling of concrete blocks to roof terraces and attics. Home comfort, energy savings and indoor air quality: these are key preoccupations from our end-users on which Airium provides an unprecedented answer.


Insulation redefined

  • You can build and insulate at the same time
  • It fills all shapes and can be adapted to specific needs and applications
  • Fully recyclable and with low CO2 footprint compared to insulation materials
  • 100% mineral formula to secure the highest possible fire protection rating in the EU

Airium is available in Austria, Algeria, France, Jordan, Morocco, Poland.