INNOVATIVE insulation technology to advance energy efficiency

As part of our building envelope portfolio, Holcim develops state-of-the-art insulation solutions that guarantee performance and efficiency for your building. Our innovative solutions suit all types of building projects, from new builds to renovations.

Making buildings last longer

Up to 80% of current buildings and infrastructure are expected to still be in use by 2050. With this in mind, our insulation products are playing an increasing role in the repair, renovation and green retrofitting space. Holcim’s advanced insulation solutions help make buildings more sustainable in use.


Energy-efficient from floor to ceiling

Whether for a construction or renovation, superior insulation is essential to maximize a building’s energy-efficient properties. Choosing the most cutting-edge insulation technologies will enhance the efficiency of the entire building envelope, limit environmental footprint and reduce heating and cooling costs.

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Heating and cooling buildings represents a third of global energy consumption. For this reason, enhancing building insulation is crucial to combat climate change. Airium™ is a fully recyclable, long-lasting mineral foam that enables developers to build and insulate at the same time.

FOAM insulation for greater comfort, energy savings and air quality

Our revolutionary Airium™ insulating system increases a building’s energy efficiency and can even be applied in green retrofitting applications to expand a building’s lifespan. Airium™ is mineral-based. As such, it is a fully recyclable foam that does not release any volatile organic compounds, thus enhancing indoor air quality.

Airium™ offers excellent durability, fire resistance and a low CO2 footprint. Applied as a semi-liquid foam, Airium™ can fit into any shape or corner. It then hardens to create a powerful, light, long-lasting and fully recyclable insulating solution.

One of our newest brands, SES Foam, is the largest independent spray foam insulation company in the US. SES develops advanced products such as its SucraSeal sucrose-based spray foam insulation, designed to improve buildings’ energy efficiency and thermal comfort while lowering their carbon footprint.

PRB Group, France’s largest independent manufacturer of specialty building solutions, completes our insulation portfolio, offering coatings, insulation, adhesives and flooring systems.

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