Sustainable buildings in use

Decarbonizing cities

70% of CO2 emissions in the construction sector are generated by buildings in use.

To reduce this footprint, Holcim is decarbonizing cities by expanding our solutions, from flooring and insulation to advanced mortars and green retrofitting. We are becoming a global leader in roofing with systems spanning solar, cool and green roofs.

Our technologies make buildings more energy-efficient and longer-lasting, while enabling cooler and cleaner cities to provide a home to both people and nature.

Up to 80% of current buildings and infrastructure are expected to still be in use by 2050. This means we must expand our role in the repair and renovation space, as well as in green retrofitting.

Making cities greener

Holcim’s nature-focused products and solutions are helping restore and preserve biodiversity in cities around the world. In Greece, Hydromedia, our permeable concrete, is being used to create “pocket parks” in downtown Athens.

“We are committed to making buildings in use sustainable. Our green retrofitting solutions enable longer-lasting, more energy-efficient buildings.”

Jan Jenisch| CEO

Up to 60% of a building’s energy is lost through its roof. We offer a range of solutions to optimize energy efficiency.

Our green retrofitting systems will sustainably prolong the life of existing buildings, helping them remain in use until 2050 and beyond.

From our green roof systems to Hydromedia permeable concrete, we are bringing more nature into cities. We help make cities more livable by countering urban heat islands and providing a home for nature.

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