Malarkey Roofing strikes gold in Montana with sustainable roofing shingles

In the Montana mountains, U.S., roofing contractor Forest Dennis struck gold in just seven days, using Malarkey’s sustainable Legacy® shingles to ensure that this majestic house can withstand harsh weather extremes and winning a prestigious roofing award in the process.

The home of Yellowstone National Park, Montana is an incredibly beautiful state. However, it is prone to cold, snowy winters and very heavy winds – which means that any roofing solution needs to be tough enough to withstand extreme conditions.

Climate resilience and circularity

When building or refurbishing the buildings where we live, work and learn, we also need to consider weather extremes resulting from climate change across the world, as well as prioritize resource efficiency and sustainability to make them more circular.

Holcim's advanced roofing solutions also improve energy efficiency for buildings in use, reducing their operational emissions while enabling their repair, renovation and green retrofitting.

For these reasons, the owners of this house chose Malarkey’s NEX® rubberized asphalt roofing shingles, which provide superior all-weather resilience and a longer product life. The black oak shingles also look great and complement the original wood and stone exterior of the house.

The shingles deliver on the sustainability front by incorporating recycled content to reduce virgin material use and landfill waste. To produce the shingles used on this roof alone, Malarkey recycled around 22 rubber tires and 14,700 plastic bags, while ‘planting’ the equivalent of seven trees to help clean the air thanks to the company’s smog-reducing roofing granules

New ‘gold standard’ for roofing

Having laid 110 squares of Malarkey’s Legacy® shingles, Forest, who owns Dennis General Contractors in Montana, and his team can take satisfaction in a job well done, having used an advanced roofing solution that they can rely on.

“We wanted to give our customer absolute peace of mind with the Malarkey Legacy® series,” he says. “The series includes a Class 4 impact rating, and 130 mph wind warranty, and the shingles are made with eco-friendly, recycled material.”

The outstanding craftsmanship of Forest and his team meant the project won a Gold award at the 2024 Excellence in Asphalt Roofing Awards. Run by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (AMRA) this prestigious event honors excellence in North American asphalt roofing.

Strong track record in sustainability

When Malarkey first sought to make its shingles more sustainable, the team did a life cycle assessment of the products, looking at how they are resourced, manufactured, aged, disposed-of, and more. At each stage they looked for opportunities for sustainable innovations – such as adding polymers from upcycled plastics and rubber to their asphalt.

We entrust the installation of Malarkey products to trained, professional contractors, such as Forrest Dennis and his team. Together, our work sets a new gold standard for roofing in North America.

Nathan Salo| Malarkey Roofing Products Sales Representative in Montana

Malarkey is a leader in residential roofing in the US, where it is well known for offering one of the most sustainable and longest-lasting shingles on the market.

Delivering circular building solutions to our customers to refurbish existing buildings so they last longer is one of the ways Holcim is contributing to making construction more circular.

Malarkey’s Legacy® shingles were not the only products used on the job. The team installed several components of the Secure Choice™ roofing system including:

  • Smart Start® starter shingles which provide increased wind protection at the eave and rake edges of the roof.
  • RidgeFlex® hip & ridge shingles for extra impact protection at the more vulnerable high points of the roof and subtle, enhanced curb appeal. 
  • Arctic Seal® ice & water barrier made for areas of the roof most susceptible to leaks.
  • 420 OmniSeal® Base/Ply, a self-adhering, modified asphalt base and ply sheet for tlow-slope commercial roofing applications. 
  • 430 OmniSeal® Cap, a self-adhering, modified asphalt cap sheet for low-slope commercial roofing applications.


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