For the fourth consecutive year, Holcim is participating in the annual One Young World Summit, which will take place in Montréal from September 18-21. 

Since 2021, Holcim is a proud partner of the annual One Young World Summit, which convenes the brightest young leaders to accelerate social impact. 

Our purpose at Holcim is also anchored in building a better world. We are committed to building progress for people and the planet by enabling greener cities, smarter infrastructure and improved living standards for all. To make this possible, we are committed to developing the next generation of leaders who will build the world of tomorrow, both within the company and beyond.


Get ready to be inspired by the impact of thirty Holcim game-changers at the 2024 One Young World Summit in Montréal. Witness their bold ideas contributing to build the world they want to live in.

Alejandro Saa Valencia

Energy and Gas Project Development Business Partner, Colombia

‘Holcim Latin America plays a key role in supporting the development of decarbonization in eight countries.’

Alexis Jouron

Energy Analyst & Market Operator, Switzerland

‘I analyzed waste heat recovery systems to enhance energy efficiency.’

Bess Casauay

QA Engineer (OIC), Philippines

‘I’m happy to be part of an organization that not only cares, but fights for the environment.’

Brooke Adey

Production Engineer in Training, Canada

‘Challenging ourselves to capitalize on the value of all second life materials will require us to build new relationships.’

Chetna Mohabeer

R&D Engineer, France

‘My boldest idea is to help the island nations transform their end-of-line waste.’

Daniela Delgado Rumayor

Head of Decarbonization, Mexico

‘I’m incredibly passionate about taking care of the environment and about inclusion and diversity.’

Fadwa Bariki

Kiln and AFR Manager, Morocco

‘I’m working with calcined clay, a very good opportunity to decarbonize our operations.’

Forrest Gates

Inventory Analyst, USA

‘My bold idea is to use AI data manipulation in current operational database models.’

Gideon Jungen

Raw Materials and Project Manager, Switzerland

‘At One Young World, I would like to exchange with like-minded people, grow for myself and for the future.’

Hafsa Rahoui

R&D Engineer, France

‘I make use of science everyday to build a better tomorrow.’

Jan Suykens

Strategy & Business Development Analyst, Belgium

‘I want to return to Belgium with fresh ideas on how to accelerate progress.’

Juan Pablo Charad Wilckens

Circularity & ARM Business Development Engineer, Switzerland

‘I’d like to develop a digital sourcing platform for construction and demolition materials.’

Kayla Weidner

Production Analyst, USA

‘I’m proposing a community outreach program to encourage young girls to pursue careers in STEM.’

Laura Jiménez Hernández

IO Project Manager, Spain

‘Holcim serves my commitment to protect the environment.’

Leonardo Lovricic

Head of Logistics, Croatia

‘Holcim’s commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with my own values.’

Lisa Büscher

Capex Manager, Germany

‘I've decided to start my career in a job where I can contribute in a positive way to the environment and the society.’

Luca Barzani

Engineering Specialist, Italy

‘To me, leadership is the ability to look far away and beyond.’

Luke McLeod

Business Manager, GCC & Grits, Canada

‘My bold idea revolves around empowering the communities we serve with community carbon credits.’

Mahir Dheendsa

Program Specialist, Data Integration & Transformation, Canada

‘If we want to continue building progress for people and the planet, we must leverage AI to help us do so.’

Manel Saidani

CRM Project Assistant, Algeria

‘One Young World is about joining a diverse community of leaders, and together we can change the world for the better.’

Maria Fernanda Hernandez Olivares

Plants of Tomorrow Champion / Process Technician, Mexico

‘My goal is to be a catalyst of inspiration and change inside and outside the company.’

Marilina Moro

Head of Decarbonization, Argentina

‘We are designing a water management system to reduce our consumption of fresh water.’

Max Post

Account Manager, Australia & New Zealand

‘I’m passionate about protecting the world we live in.’

Mihai Tarca

Commercial Strategy Manager, Romania

‘I have a deep respect for nature. That's why I take sustainability into account in all the important decisions I make.’

Miranda Schalk

Environmental Engineer, USA

‘Our collective commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship has the power to inspire and ignite change.’

Nurzada Joldoshbek

P2P Manager, USA

‘My goal is to invest in the younger generation and develop a skilled, innovative and thoughtful team of workers.’

Perrine Chabert

Financial Controller, France

‘My goal is to accelerate the circular economy and feed the decarbonization roadmap.’

Sandra Viczek

Process Engineer, Austria

‘We need to make the cement industry known as a green and sustainable industry.’

Sara Marwan

HR Analyst, UAE & Oman

‘I’m passionate about the belief that every workplace should be a supported and empathetic environment.’

Valentina Carvajal

Branding Leader, Colombia

‘With eco packaging, we will create awareness for our sustainability goals.’


After attending the One Young World summit, our delegates are committing their inspiration and skills to internal transformation projects. Take a closer look at the remarkable ideas our One Young World ambassadors are initiating at Holcim, as they contribute to building the company they want to work for.

Women in STEM 
Breaking barriers


If you're interested in pursuing a career in STEM, don't miss the words of wisdom from two of Holcim's One Young World delegates, Allyson Zurawski, Senior Manager, Regulatory Reporting & Technology, and Melissa Delgado, Corporate Strategy Analyst, and two other influential women - Sabrina Wuersch, Global Product Manager Diamond at Hilti, and Andrea Guzmán, International Relations Officer at Elixir.

As we attend the One Young World 2024 Summit, our focus revolves around the "Artificial Intelligence" plenary session. We aim to delve deeper into the sphere of AI-driven solutions for resilient and sustainable cities. Join us on our mission to #BuildingTomorrow.

We are the global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions. Our purpose is to build progress for people and the planet. At Holcim, you’ll be part of a group of 60,000 passionate, pioneering and high-performing people.