Plants of Tomorrow

Industry 4.0 technology

Plants of Tomorrow is our four-year initiative to roll out Industry 4.0 technologies in the building materials industry.

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Strengthening performance through Plants of Tomorrow products, creating value of over CHF 17 million annually through the existing 20 solutions.


Decarbonizing the building industry through our digital and process innovations, like CEMQ, which reduces CO2 emissions.


Placing circularity at the heart of our sites by increasing efficiency and optimizing use of energy, water and other natural resources.

A global initiative

Plants of Tomorrow targets a global network of over 270 integrated cement plants and grinding stations across more than 50 countries.

The Plants of Tomorrow initiative brings together a range of innovations aimed at improving performance, circularity and carbon neutrality. We aim to accelerate the adoption of new technologies and solutions across our entire value chain, from quarry to lorry.

Across our product range we are driving solutions such as sensors in concrete and cement to monitor and increase their performance, while also reducing unnecessary product waste for an optimized footprint. To date, we have deployed 800 applications across 180 plants, utilizing technologies from automation and robotics to artificial intelligence and digital twins. By 2025 we will reach more than 5,000 deployments.

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