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Decarbonizing Holcim to become net-zero

At Holcim, we are at the forefront of decarbonizing construction, and this starts with green operations.

We prioritize green energy, powering our plants with ECOFuels that use materials at the end of their lifecycle, from biomass to municipal waste.

Thanks to our green formulation expertise and by using innovative low-emission raw materials like calcined clay and construction and demolition waste, our ECOMaterials range is the broadest in the industry.

We are leading the transition to green mobility from our quarries to cities, using the greenest and most efficient transport options, from electric vehicles to railways and barges.

To accelerate our net-zero journey, we are developing next-generation technologies.

We are partnering with Italian energy company Eni to develop mineralization, a cutting-edge carbon capture technique. Our teams are exploring the storage of CO2 in olivine – a mineral commonly found in the Earth’s upper mantle – to be used as a low-emission raw material for green cement.

“Holcim is on a journey to become a net-zero company. Through our commitment to green operations, we are helping decarbonize construction.”


To power our operations, we rely on ECOFuels and renewable energy, from solar and hydro to wind power.

We leverage our green formulation expertise to offer the industry’s broadest range of ECOMaterials.

At Holcim, we are leading the transition to green mobility with the most efficient transport options.

Holcim embraces an open innovation ecosystem to develop next-generation technologies, including 3D printing.

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