Next-generation technologies

Developing next-generation technologies to accelerate our net-zero journey

Holcim is pushing the boundaries of digitalization to advance the circular economy and progress our ambition to become a net-zero company.

Part of our Plants of Tomorrow initiative, the Maya cement plant in El Salvador is embracing next-generation technologies. It now uses a Remote Plant Control system and thermographic scanners to monitor the temperature of the kiln.

Driving innovation

Innovation is at the heart of our vision to decarbonize building. Our experts are continuously developing the latest technologies to make construction more sustainable, while contributing to the global net-zero transition.

We are actively exploring the potential of carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) with over 30 pilot projects ongoing around the world. Our projects range from recycling CO2 from our plants into low-emission raw materials for our green cement, all the way to using it as a greenhouse gas for farming or as a source of methanol for aviation fuel.

Our Plants of Tomorrow program is deploying automated and data-driven solutions to make our operations more sustainable, from robotics to predictive maintenance.

Working with a range of partners from start-ups to academic institutions, we are also developing breakthrough technologies like magnetizable concrete to enable roads to charge electric cars while in motion.


CCUS represents an exciting opportunity to combat climate change and we are involved with projects all over the world.

Our Plants of Tomorrow initiative is driving smarter operations, improving our operational efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint.

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