Creating jobs and building houses

9 March 2021

Contributing to sustainable communities, Holcim Madagascar runs different CSR projects to support social and economic development in the Ibity region, from building sustainable houses for vulnerable families to generating jobs in agriculture.


Five new and sustainable houses for vulnerable families

The Holcim Madagascar plant in the Ibity region is an important piece of the local economy, providing jobs to about one hundred employees and supporting the development of the local community. Leveraging on our expertise in sustainable and innovative building materials, Holcim Madagascar launched the Maharitra Village project, which included the building of five new and sustainable houses for vulnerable families in 2020.

Sustainable bricks for sustainable living

The 5 new houses with compressed earth bricks, a more sustainable alternative to traditional burnt clay bricks. Affordable and aesthetic, these innovative blocks also address the rapid deforestation faced by many developing countries as they do not require firing - taking on deforestation, unemployment and housing shortages all at once. The bricks are up to three times stronger than conventional burnt bricks, reduce the CO2 emissions tenfold, and can be made on site using locally-sourced materials and workforce.

Improving the agriculture economy in a rural community

In the Ibity region, most of the inhabitants make a living from agriculture and livestock. In this rural area, the transformation of geranium into essential oils is an activity with good economic perspectives which is four times more profitable than traditional agriculture. In collaboration with local NGOs and authorities, Holcim Madagascar is contributing to raining agricultural workers in this agriculture sector to help improve the income of many local families.