ECOPlanet, Holcim’s green cement

The ECOPlanet range of green cement range reduces CO2 emissions by at least 30%1.

This range of low-carbon cement will be available in fifteen countries by the end of 2021 and thirty countries by the end of 2022.

ECOPlanet reinforces our global leadership in sustainable and innovative building solutions that make sustainable cities a reality.


With 80% of the global population expected to live in cities by 2050, the world needs to build the equivalent of New York City every month.

ECOPlanet, the world’s broadest range of green cement, aims to tackle this challenge sustainably by reducing emissions from cement by at least 30%.

This breakthrough solution brings green cities one step closer to reality, fulfilling our ambition to lead in sustainable and innovative building solutions.




With Holcim’s industry-leading formulation expertise, ECOPlanet’s sustainability profile is driven by innovative low-emission raw materials, including calcined clay and recycled construction and demolition waste. Its lower carbon footprint is further enhanced by decarbonizing its production process led by the use of alternative fuels.


1 Compared to ordinary (CEM I/OPC) cement


I am excited to introduce ECOPlanet, the latest in our range of green building solutions. Driving the circular economy, our ECOPlanet range includes the world’s first cement with 20% recycled construction & demolition waste inside, advancing our net-zero vision in a nature-positive way. With the world’s population rising and rapid urbanization, solutions like ECOPlanet are critical to enable greener cities and smarter infrastructure, building more with less.

Jan Jenisch

Building progress for people and the planet

ECOPlanet adds to Holcim’s leading range of green building solutions, aligned with the world’s highest standards of sustainable building certifications from BREEAM to LEED. It builds on the success of ECOPact, the world’s broadest range of green concrete, which is broadly distributed across over twenty markets today.



The industry’s broadest range of green concrete.

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