Holcim @ Building Bridges

From 2 to 5 October 2023, the international Building Bridges Conference will take place in Geneva for the fourth time. This conference brings together the Geneva of international organizations with the financial sector, political authorities and NGOs. Of course, Switzerland is also an important player.

  • Date:  2-5 October, 2023
  • Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Participating Holcim experts

Antonio Carrillo, Vice President Sustainability

Wednesday, 4 October – Introducing the Swiss Stewardship Code

AMAS and SSF are developing a Swiss Stewardship Code to create a level playing field between asset managers, asset owners and service providers. It defines best practices and creates the basis for more activity and better comparability of stewardship activities. The Code will be launched during this session, where Antonio will be a speaker.

Renata Pollini, Head of Nature

Monday, 2 October – Building Bridges Summit Stakeholder Voice

The Building Bridges Summit discussions will address complex and urgent global sustainability challenges led by Keynotes with views from the Stakeholders. One of the sessions, where Renata will be a participant, will explore how we can make nature count with a ground-breaking event of the European launch of the TNFD at Building Bridges as nature-climate are a twin crisis.

Tuesday, 3 October – Practical Implications of the TNFD Framework for Business

The TNFD framework aims to serve as a risk management and disclosure framework for financial institutions and companies to incorporate nature-related risks and opportunities into their strategic planning, risk management and asset allocation decisions. This workshop, where Renata will be a speaker, will discuss lessons learned from early adopters and the journey ahead.

Leila Sassi, Head of Sustainable Finance and Senior Manager Capital Markets

Tuesday, 3 October – ESG in DCF: A Not-So-Magic Formula to Price in Sustainability

The integration of sustainability in valuation is critical to scale capital flows towards sustainable transitions. This session focuses on the Sustainability In Intrinsic Valuation Framework and helps key market participants to move the needle by incorporating business and sectoral transformations in the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) models and financing transactions.

Learn more about Sustainable finance

Preserving one of the world's most threatened ecosystems in Ecuador

Holcim Ecuador is doing its part to support the efforts to preserve Cerro Blanco, one of the last remaining tropical dry forests in Ecuador and one of the most threatened ecosystems in the world

A long, global tradition of replenishing fresh water

Holcim targets replenishing freshwater in water-risk areas while lowering water intensity across all our product lines. In September 2021, we became the first company in our sector with a freshwater replenishment commitment.