Hackathon Zurich 2020

In only 40 hours, Holcim’s hacker teams developed prototypes to solve various business challenges using real data from our operations.


The challenge is....

Open innovation plays an important role in the future of our industry; we work with the start-up ecosystems to turn challenges into innovation opportunities. With our global open innovation platform LH MAQER, we invited the world’s most talented data and technical minds to reinvent sustainable cities by participating in HackZurich on the weekend 18-20 September 2020.


...and the winner is

The winning team "Smart Trucking Nigeria", optimizes logistics by connecting data on historical driving patterns (e.g. acceleration and braking data) with external data sources to reduce emissions and improve safety. The second winner was the team from "Circular Asphalt" -- a circular economy application that encourages recycling of asphalt by matching suppliers with buyers. Finally, our third winner, the team from "Garbage Collector", who proposed using crowdsourcing data to locate plastic- and demolition waste for trucks delivering construction materials to pick up on their empty-load return trips.


the nexr step is...

Through our digital team LH MAQER, we are excited and inspired to partner with our hackers to further explore these solutions as they have given us valuable insights on how to accelerate green construction throughout our whole supply chain, from the quarry to the customer.