Our solutions on the podium of the Rio 2016 Olympics

2 August 2016

For spectators of the Olympic Games, sports legends are made in a matter of minutes or seconds. What they don’t see is the years of hard work to achieve such results. It is the same for construction: to make sure all athletes and visitors enjoy the Rio 2016 Olympics, LafargeHolcim has worked hard on the Olympic Village as well as urban and transport infrastructure. Find out more on our "Olympic team" of solutions for Rio!


LafargeHolcim’s solutions make the Olympic Village more comfortable, safer and more beautiful

First, LafargeHolcim was a major contributor to the construction of the Olympic Village, which will accommodate over 10,000 athletes from 205 countries and thousands of journalists. We delivered solutions that answered specific requirements:

  • Maintaining smooth and safe circulation, whatever the weather conditions, to allow athletes and journalists to go to the and from the venues and back throughout the Games. To avoid floods and slippery surfaces during heavy rainfalls, LafargeHolcim supplied draining Hydromedia™ concrete for the Village roads and sidewalks. Its unique formula facilitates the flow of rainwater into the subsoil and provides natural irrigation for the meadows and trees around the Village lake.
  • Enhancing the aesthetics of the various areas of the public park, while ensuring durability. LafargeHolcim successfully proposed the use of our Artevia® decorative concrete to the Village’s architects. This specialty concrete is a true chameleon, allowing surfaces to take on a variety of colors and textures. Moreover, it is quick to use, easy to maintain and resistant to wear.

LafargeHolcim’s contributions to new urban and transport infrastructure changing the face of Rio

LafargeHolcim was also involved in transportation and urban infrastructure projects, which will be key to helping athletes and visitors reach the Olympic venues quickly and efficiently. Contacted early on in the projects by Rio city authorities, we provided construction solutions for the following projects:

  • The Galeão Tom Jobim International Airport: LafargeHolcim provided cement and aggregates.
  • The 4th line of Rio’s underground system: LafargeHolcim supplied cement, construction materials and concrete, including special concrete for stations, tunnels and foundations.
  • The Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), including the Transcarioca and Transbrasil projects.
  • Porto Maravilha: this project consists of transforming the long abandoned port area into a new district combining housing, business, tourism and culture. LafargeHolcim participated as a supplier of aggregates, cement, and various types of concrete – including the specialty global brands Artevia®, Agilia® and Hydromedia™.