Highways, national roads, and regional networks are keys to a country's development and its population's well-being. Roads are essential to making a region attractive for investments. With its most advanced material solutions and in-depth technical expertise, Holcim matches the right solution to every project.

Your challenge

We recognize that each road project is unique. Our customers have particular needs in terms of technical solutions, operational logistics, public acceptance, and investment schemes. Holcim is your go-to partner whatever your road project, from expressways to local roads, and from municipal roads to public expressways or public-private partnership highways. Our specialized teams will accompany you from the design phase of your road project to completion. You can rely on our safety, ethics, and sustainable development approach to ensure the success of your worksite in terms of public acceptance and social responsibility. Factors such as location, distance, soil condition, and the availability of materials can influence both the design and the delivery. Yet Holcim can adapt to meet the specific requirements of any individual project with:

  • Early assistance at design stage
  • Transversal skills across products and services
  • Agile business models adapted to each project


Our offer

With our industrial background and proven technical capacity, we contribute to the success of large-scale road project operations, making road projects simpler and more efficient in cooperation with contractors. Our pavement design experts and materials engineers will help you assess the right solution in terms of cost and service delivery for all project needs, including soil stabilization and remediation and fast repair solutions for highly trafficked roads. Our integrated offer for road projects includes a complete range of products and services, best-in-class site supply management, and expertise in project management. We leverage a unique solutions portfolio that encompasses:

  • bound and unbound aggregates layers
  • soil stabilization solutions
  • concrete pavements
  • asphalt formulations
  • cement-treated base or roller-compacted concrete
  • fast-hardening concrete for urban pavements.

What makes Holcim different

  • Sourcing: we have the expertise and knowledge to deliver projects in any location, using the most cost-effective sourcing solutions
  • Durability: our solutions offer superior durability and lower maintenance costs
  • Global presence: we have production facilities in 70 countries to bring you the best road practices from around the globe
  • Saving resources: we can provide recycled aggregates and soil remediation solutions
Blandesburg highway, USA
Building the A50 highway, France