World-class infrastructure expertise from design to construction

Complex infrastructure projects such as roads, dams, stadiums and wind farms require comprehensive support to be successful. From the design phase onward, our infrastructure experts offer their deep sectoral knowledge to recommend the best products and solutions, tailored for your unique project.

Advanced construction solutions to address your most pressing infrastructure challenges

Project design

Infrastructure is one of our core markets at Holcim. Our dedicated teams have years of experience in a range of building sectors. They work by your side to advise on the best-suited products, solutions and next-generation technologies for your needs.

Safety and compliance

Infrastructure projects demand rigorous safety and regulatory compliance. We are proud of our commitments to health, safety and the environment, and our worksites are run according to the highest international standards. A strict Code of Business Conduct ensures high levels of transparency, compliance and ethics.

Planning and budget

With more than a century of infrastructure experience, Holcim possesses the solid industrial skills to adhere to a project plan and budget. We provide tailored solutions for all types of infrastructure projects – from highways and mines to major airports and museums – while offering unparalleled onsite logistics and services worldwide.

Our customer chose Hydromedia permeable concrete for a road project running along the Arenes river near Barcelona, Spain. More than a product, Hydromedia is a water management system that rapidly absorbs rainwater while supporting the health of the natural environment.

A comprehensive infrastructure offer covering transportation, roads, arts and culture

Transport: reliable infrastructure for moving people and goods

Holcim partners with you to ensure efficient, durable and aesthetic transport infrastructure development. Our experts advise on the best products and solutions with guaranteed reliability.

Explore Holcim’s ready-mix concrete ranges


  • Site preparation
  • Recycling
  • Product development
  • Logistics

Railways & train stations

  • Ballast aggregates
  • Concrete-based slippers and tracks
  • Passenger-friendly stations

Airports & ports

  • Plane runways
  • Innovative façades for aesthetic commercial buildings
  • Time-saving possibilities
  • Traffic reduction
  • Material availability


  • Cement and concrete for pillars and bridge decks
  • Ultra-high performance concrete joint fill
  • Micro-cement for repairs

Roads: building for superior durability and low maintenance

Holcim is the ideal partner for every road project. From highways and national roads to regional networks, we leverage advanced material solutions and technical expertise to ensure safety, ethics, sustainability and public acceptance. With production facilities in 70 countries, Holcim delivers cost-effective sourcing solutions in every location.

Our unique solutions portfolio encompasses:

  • Bound and unbound aggregates
  • Soil stabilization
  • Concrete and asphalt
  • Fast-hardening formulations
  • Cement-treated base or roller-compacted concrete

Explore our asphalt products

Arts and sports: shaping cities through landmark facilities and arenas

Museums, opera houses, concert halls and stadiums represent an important revenue source for municipalities and businesses. In partnership with renowned architects worldwide, Holcim delivers the most complex projects using our best-in-class cement, concrete and aggregate products, and our green building solutions.

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Arts and culture

  • Unique designs
  • Maximum durability
  • Optimal acoustics
  • Safety, planning and budget adherence


  • Traditional cement to high-tech aesthetic concretes
  • Recycled aggregates
  • Insulating and permeable concrete
  • Tailor-made products developed in our R&D labs

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