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A global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions

With our broad range of Solutions & Products, Holcim makes buildings smarter from foundation to rooftop and at every stage of their life. We are constantly expanding our range of smart building solutions to repair, refurbish and renovate buildings. From roofing and waterproofing all the way to insulation systems, we are developing smarter and more energy-efficient building solutions.

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Want to find out more about our Solutions & Products? Wherever you are located, a local team is available to support you in identifying the right solutions for your project.


PRB landscape mortar was selected as the solution of choice to build a replica of the historic Grotte Chauvet cave in France – to preserve and promote its heritage. PRB’s solution enabled an extremely high level of detail for a faithful reproduction of the unique cave.

An extensive Solutions & Products offer

Holcim’s Solutions & Products line delivers a broad range of world-class sustainable solutions to make buildings more durable and long-lasting throughout their lifecycle.

A growing solutions portfolio

Holcim is becoming the global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions with brands in the most attractive construction segments, from roofing systems to insulation and green retrofitting.

A global brand family

Holcim brands share a strong commitment to building progress for people and the planet. Operating in markets around the world, our local teams are available to help you select the most suitable solutions for your unique requirements.

Green construction solutions

At Holcim, we are committed to thriving with our people and communities. We have the solutions to make green and circular construction a reality today around the world.

“I am delighted that we are continuing to expand our Solutions & Products range while advancing ‘Strategy 2025 – Accelerating Green Growth.’ Together, we are building better with less by providing smart, energy-efficient and innovative solutions for every construction need.”


From insulation to roofing and waterproofing, Holcim has the advanced solutions you need to guarantee an energy-efficient building from floor to ceiling.

Our high-performance specialty building solutions range from advanced mortars to asphalt and precast and prefabricated products.

Our Solutions & Products are suitable for a range of different building applications, from industrial and commercial to housing.

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