Solutions & Products

We offer a broad range of solutions to make buildings smarter from rooftop to foundation, at every stage of their life from design and building to repair and recycling. Our advanced systems, from roofing and waterproofing to insulation and renovation, make buildings more energy-efficient, enduring and resilient throughout their lifecycle. As a double-digit growth engine for Holcim, this segment will account for 30% of net sales by 2025.


Holcim is a full roofing provider. In 2021 we acquired Firestone Building Products (FSBP), a leader in commercial roofing and building envelope solutions. This was followed in 2022 by the acquisition of Malarkey Roofing Products, a leading company in the US residential roofing market.

Specialty building solutions

We offer a broad range of high performance building solutions, from coatings and insulations to adhesives and flooring systems with advanced energy-efficiency and renovation solutions.

Precast concrete

Holcim offers a variety of precast concrete products, services and solutions, ranging from concrete paving and landscaping solutions, over drainage products, to engineered concrete structures and everything in between.