Advanced solutions to build modern, energy-efficient and durable housing at scale

Individual homebuilders, masons, contractors and architects need efficient project management and superior products to successfully complete their housing construction projects. At Holcim, we develop tailor-made solutions to meet your unique requirements and overcome every housing challenge.

Addressing housing challenges with innovative building solutions

Energy efficiency

Energy-efficient building solutions are an important consideration for any housing development. Our advanced insulation products ensure maximum comfort while reducing heating and cooling costs for end users.


Construction speed and efficiency are key factors when building housing. Our smart project management solutions optimize costs and ensure you can meet customer needs on time and on budget.


For sustainability and cost purposes, modern housing must be built to last. Whether collective or individual, housing should be resilient enough to endure from generation to generation.


Beyond functionality and efficiency, customers today are seeking attractive, comfortable and ergonomic home environments. Aesthetics are a crucial factor to attract investors and homebuyers.


In addition to meeting regulatory requirements, our experts can meet the most demanding green building certifications through water management, demolition waste recycling and innovative material combinations.

Waste reduction

Minimizing waste during the construction process is essential to contribute to the circular economy. Reduce waste with our ready-to-use mortars and easy-to-handle small containers of cement and concrete.

Ecuador’s largest affordable housing project, Casa Laguna, was built using our ECOPact green concrete. Construction of the 3,500-unit development produced 60% less CO2 emissions thanks to our ECOPact formula.

Individual housing

Holcim experts advise you on the most suitable construction solutions and building systems to enhance your home’s durability, energy efficiency and thermal insulation. Our solutions include:

  • adapted cement, concrete and aggregate products
  • decorative concrete, sands and aggregates
  • self-placing, self-leveling concrete
  • low-carbon precast solutions
  • high-quality ready-to-use mortars

Explore our energy efficiency solutions

Collective housing

Holcim partners with you to develop the best cement, aggregate and concrete solutions according to your unique requirements. Our comprehensive building envelope solutions for energy-efficient construction include:

  • advanced roofing systems
  • top-level thermal insulation
  • state-of-the-art waterproofing membranes

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