Your partner of choice for industrial construction

Holcim brings its leading expertise to all types of industrial construction projects – from renewable energy infrastructure to mining and oil & gas. Starting from the earliest design phase, we advise you on the best material choices and solutions to meet your exact building requirements.

Addressing industrial construction challenges with advanced solutions


Our broad expertise spans cement, ready-mix concrete and aggregates for industrial applications.

Our dedicated teams worldwide are best positioned to help you select the most appropriate building materials and efficient project management solutions for your construction project.

Research and development

Driven by our R&D Center in Lyon, France, we have a wide portfolio of innovative and sustainable building solutions.

As industry evolves, we support our customers by developing the materials they need to meet their new building challenges and prepare for the future.


Material choice is essential in ensuring your industrial infrastructure project becomes fully operational according to the prescribed schedule.

Our responsive teams help secure an on-time project by assisting you in selecting the most reliable, effective and readily available materials to meet your building needs.

Holcim is partnering with GE Renewable Energy and COBOD to build taller, more powerful windmills using 3D concrete printing. By placing concrete exactly where it is needed, our prototypes generate 30% more wind energy than conventional methods.

Our industrial building solutions

Renewable energy: your partner for sustainable, long-term operations

Demand for renewable energy is growing, and companies need to build safe, reliable, cost-effective and high-performance infrastructure. From project design through to execution, Holcim supports the construction of renewable energy infrastructure with solutions for the following applications:

  • Thermal power plants: chimneys and cooling towers
  • Wind farms: wind turbines foundation systems
  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects
  • Lifetime extension of nuclear plants and hydropower dams, including our ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) joint fill and ultrafine cement


Oil & gas: technical expertise to innovate and develop project solutions

The global oil & gas industry is innovating and transforming to meet growing energy demand and sustainability expectations. A leading supplier of well cements for over 60 years, Holcim is committed to product quality, service and research. Our solutions include:

  • Building materials for on- and offshore well construction
  • Construction cements, concrete and aggregates
  • Research and laboratory support services
  • Low CO2 solutions, including our range of “Low Dense” cementing systems


Mining: collaboration with customers for improved production and safety

Mining extraction is often performed in remote locations and under complex conditions. Holcim is the ideal partner, supplying binders and concrete solutions for a wide range of applications while fully respecting safety, business ethics, the environment and the wellbeing of local communities. Our tailor-made solutions cover:

  • Mine construction: accelerated schedules for mine construction projects
  • Mine closure: applying eco-friendly and sustainable solutions
  • Mine operation: optimizing costs while stabilizing production and improving extraction rates
  • Services: supporting even the most isolated project sites



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