Decarbonizing Cities with cutting-edge aggregates

Holcim’s global range of aggregate products meets the needs of even the most demanding construction projects. We offer a broad selection of aggregates, from sustainably sourced materials to recycled construction demolition materials.


Available across France, Aggneo is our range of recycled aggregates to help build new from old.

High-quality aggregates

Processed from recycled concrete, Holcim’s cutting-edge Aggneo aggregates guarantee the highest standards of consistency, reliability and performance. Aggneo products can be used in a wide range of civil engineering and building applications, including roads and foundations.

Comprehensive solutions

Our Aggneo offer encompasses sustainable construction solutions across an unparalleled network of sites in France. From waste management, transport and logistics to traceability, quality control, treatment and recycling, we have everything you need to adopt more sustainable construction techniques.

Building the circular economy

Our high-quality recycled aggregates are produced according to stringent quality control processes and using sources located close to the worksite. We’re committed to ensuring that resources are not depleted unnecessarily and reducing our reliance on landfill sites.

A comprehensive aggregates offer

Made of crushed stone, gravel and sand, our aggregate products are used as raw materials for concrete, masonry and asphalt, and as base materials for roads, landfills and buildings.

Holcim supplies recycled aggregates made from construction demolition materials, replacing the need for quarry extraction and contributing to a circular economy.

Holcim’s broad aggregates offer includes:

  • Primary natural aggregates: extracted from hard rock quarries and sand and gravel deposits
  • Alternative aggregates: containing recycled concrete and secondary aggregates from industrial waste products

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Our new advanced crushing system in France is scaling up circular construction. Using this proprietary processing technology, Holcim can upcycle 100% of construction demolition materials into new building solutions, including superior quality recycled construction aggregates.

Applications and services

Holcim produces the highest quality aggregates in terms of particle shape, durability and resistance to weathering. They are designed for a wide range of applications, including concrete, masonry, asphalt and foundations.

Our aggregate applications include:

  • Manufactured sands: produced in hard rock quarries to replace the need for depleted natural alluvial sand
  • Decorative solutions: multicolored sands and aggregates for parks, driveways and playgrounds
  • Urban drainage systems: drainage control and rainwater collection for cities
  • Special applications: ballast for railways, stone for harbors, bound and unbound aggregates for road construction and more
  • Recycled aggregates: sustainable solutions for a wide range of applications

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