ECOPlanet reduces CO2 by 45% at Egyptian port

Modern Structures and Equipment Co. used ECOPlanet green cement in the extension of the Al-Ain El-Sokhna Port in Egypt. The highly demanding infrastructure project has already reduced CO2 emissions by 45% thanks to our low-carbon cement.

45% less CO₂

85,000 tons of ECOPlanet cement

28 kilometers of quays

The challenge 

Al-Ain Sokhna Port is Egypt’s main gateway to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), East Africa and Asia with an area of 23km2, and is currently undergoing the largest extension to date. It is strategically located on the East Coast of the Gulf of Suez, approximately 30 nautical miles south of the entry to the Suez Canal. The development project includes the construction of a new 350,000m2 container yard, which will increase the port’s capacity to more than 1 million containers annually. Green solutions were one of the main considerations in the port’s extension.

The solution

After discussions with the client, Holcim Group's Egypt division supplied 85,000 tons of ECOPlanet, the world’s broadest range of green cement offering at least 30% less carbon emissions with equal to superior performance. The green cement was used for the construction of 28 kilometers of quays, which required 2,100,000 cubic meters of concrete.

"In line with our vision to accelerate green growth fueled by sustainability and innovation, our main goal in this demanding project was to provide the best technical solution using our ECOPlanet global range of green cement."

Ahmed Abdo| Commercial and Marketing Director, Lafarge Cement Egypt

The result

Thanks to ECOPlanet, to date the extension of Al-Ain Sokhna Port has saved 39,760 tons of CO2 (compared to reference OPC) for an emissions reduction of 45%. ECOPlanet has been used for the construction of most of the project’s infrastructure, delivering a lower carbon footprint and high performance.

Upon completion, the port will have four new docks and berths with a length of 18 kilometers and a depth of 18 meters, as well as trading yards with an area of 9.6 km2 and commercial and logistics areas with an area of 5.3 km² served by a network of railways connected to the high-speed electric train.

"Egypt signed the Paris Agreement on climate change in 2015 and as a leading marine and civil construction company in the country, Modern Structures & Equipment is committed to becoming climate-neutral within the next few decades to keep the global temperature within 1.5°C. The use of Holcim's green cement helps accelerate and lead the transition to more sustainable and innovative building materials for greener construction to reduce emissions, make our society more environmentally friendly and achieve our climate targets."

Amr Salah Saleh| Chairman & CEO, Modern Structures and Equipment Co.

Making green building possible at scale

At Holcim we are becoming a net-zero company, putting climate action at the heart of our strategy. We are at the forefront of green building solutions to make low-carbon construction possible at scale around the world, from Mumbai to New York.

Building better with less, we are decarbonizing construction with our low-carbon solutions, such as ECOPlanet, the broadest range of green cement. ECOPlanet delivers CO2 savings ranging from 30% to 100% compared to the local market reference with no compromise in performance.

Across everything we do, we are building progress for people and the planet.


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